Ethiopia Insight Team

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William Davison
Owner and Managing Editor

William was Bloomberg's Ethiopia correspondent from 2010-17 and published regularly for The Guardian. He's also written for Foreign Policy, Al Jazeera and others. 

Ermias Tasfaye

Ermias' focus is Oromia. He is based in Burayu, Oromia, and also does research and translation work

Kulle Kursha
SNNP reporter

Kulle is a Hawassa University law lecturer. He reports and analyses political developments in Southern Nations region

Alemayehu Weldemariam
Political commentator

Alemayehu has taught constitutional law and political theory at universities in Ethiopia and the U.S.. He studied law at Addis Ababa University and various subjects at U.S. institutions.

Abdulmenan Mohammed
Economic commentator

Abdulmenan is an experienced auditor and consultant in Ethiopia and the UK. He has been commenting in the media on Ethiopian economics and finance for eight years.