Ethiopia Insight is impartial and strives for maximum objectivity in its coverage of Ethiopian political and economic issues.

Our focus is publishing News Analysis on under-reported issues from across Ethiopia, as well as offering In-Depth coverage of Ethiopian affairs that cannot reliably be found elsewhere.

Ethiopia Insight also has an ideologically diverse, thoroughly edited Viewpoint section. We try not to publish obvious falsehoods in these pieces, and will correct all unambiguous factual errors, but it is inevitable that some readers will consider some commentators’ interpretations of events as factually incorrect. We encourage readers to use the comment section beneath stories to discuss such differences.

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Ethiopia Insight was founded in 2018 by former Ethiopia Bloomberg correspondent William Davison, a British citizen with a decade’s experience working on Ethiopian current affairs. He stepped down as Managing Editor in March 2021. Our output is produced by a team of editors, reporters, and commentators based in Ethiopia and abroad. Meet the Ethiopia Insight team!

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