‘Exit’ imminent as Abiy neglects the Tigrayan ‘voice’

By undermining self-determination, and allying with Isaias, Abiy is pushing Tigray towards independence

Although the peoples of northern Ethiopia have had some form of statehood for millennia, it was at the turn of the nineteenth century that the country achieved most of its current shape, though the former Italian colony of Eritrea was only incorporated after 1952, and first as a federation.

More than 80 ethnic groups were included within the state’s boundaries but it was dominated by Amhara elites, whose language became the national language, and the Coptic Orthodox Church, the national church to which most Amhara and Tigrayans belonged, and led by clergy predominantly from Amhara.

The net result was the emergence of an Ethiopian state with “a profound identity of its own” but inherently discriminatory between its different peoples and regions. (See, e.g, Alemseged Abbay, Identity Jilted, Or, Re-imagining Identity?: The Divergent Paths of the Eritrean and Tigrayan Nationalist Struggles) Unsurprisingly, this manifested itself in various ethno-nationalist conflicts and upheavals: the first Weyane Movement in Tigray, with the goal of autonomous self-administration, against Emperor Haile Selassie in 1943; the Oromo Bale revolt in the 1960s, and the armed struggle in Eritrea, which began in 1961.

Although Emperor Haile Selassie was overthrown in 1974, the revolution was subverted by the Derg’s military dictatorship, which continued to ignore the problems of ethno-nationalism in the interests of a centralized Ethiopian state. While armed resistance from ethnically-based opposition groups across the country multiplied, it was the Eritrean and Tigrayan effort that largely defeated the Derg. Eritreans and Tigrayans, the Trans-Mereb elites, fought against a common enemy—an oppressive Amhara ethnic state, but although cooperating in armed struggle, they retained divergent political identities and very different aims.

A valuable theoretical framework model suggesting different ways of analyzing situations of conflict is Albert O. Hirschman’s EVL offering three options: Exit’, ‘Voice’ and ‘Loyalty’. `It argues unsatisfied groups can choose to leave, choose to speak out in protest and express grievances, or simply remain loyal as ‘happy slaves’. There are various additional levels of possible action suggested, including ‘neglect’ or ‘boycott’.

As presented by Hirschman these options can be associated with cases of secession as defined by Buchanan in Theories of Secession. In Ethiopia, after 1991, following their separate political paths, the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) chose ‘exit’, creating a new state in Eritrea; the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) remained in Ethiopia under the multinational federal structure they devised, establishing their ‘voice’. Their divergent paths further developed irreconcilable interests between the two countries, leading them into bloody war in 1998 and augmenting the agony of the Trans-Mereb people.

The concept of a Tigrayan ‘exit’, or independence, had little currency in Tigrayan nationalism, before and after emergence of TPLF. The first Tigrayan party that openly advocated for conventional nationalism and Tigray independence, Tigray Liberation Front, was attacked and destroyed by TPLF in its formative years, for TPLF to become Tigray’s exclusive force, as noted by John Markakis in Class and National Conflict in the Horn of Africa. The TPLF, though did briefly consider independence in its formative years, it quickly rejected it, and claiming to be fighting for self-determination not independence and stressing the choice must depend on the struggle of oppressed nationalities and classes in Ethiopia. A positive outcome would result in integration within a multinational Ethiopian state. Independence was only an option if all possibilities for unity based on equality were exhausted.

The result of its victory over the Derg was the creation of a federalism with other Ethiopian nations and nationalities, underpinned by a constitution that granted an “unconditional right to self-determination, including the right to secession”, as the organizing principle. This did much to ensure relative stability and economic development, though the federal government remained heavily centralized in substance.

Most seriously, it failed to deal with the aggravations and concerns of the Oromo nation, the largest in Ethiopia, for recognition and a fair share of governance. These were increasingly exploited by Oromo and Amhara, eventually leading to Abiy Ahmed becoming Prime Minister in April 2018, and subsequently to the increasingly volatile situation now threatening to lead to Tigray’s ‘exit’.

Death of the federation

Massive protests and strife were the hallmark of Abiy’s ascent to power, instabilities in the Oromia and Amhara states being the epicenter. A central element in this were attacks on ordinary Tigrayans living and working in different parts of the country, especially the Amhara region. And in effect, these can be labeled “state sponsored”. Documentary (fakumentary) films, emotionally sensitive fabricated propaganda, released on state media, implied “Tigrigna speakers” were looters and abusers, provoking hate and anger against them.

Abiy’s new Prosperity Party, set up in 2019, blamed almost every misdeed in Ethiopia on the TPLF and Tigrayans. Inevitably, arrests of Tigrayans on trumped up charges, the assassination of the Chief of Staff and a retired top general and other episodes have given rise to a bitter sense of betrayal, resonating with Tigrayans and leading them to question if it is worth living in the federation under such humiliations. “Wefri Harinet”, Global Movement for the Liberation of Tigrayan Political Prisoners is among the endeavors that requests release of Tigrean political prisoners languishing behind bars for a consecutive second year without verdict. TPLF state that a political and constitutional crisis is looming.

Self-determination is the organizing principle of the current constitution created after the EPRDF victory in 1991, when nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia were institutionally granted regional administrative governments intended to harness, contain, channel and control regional nationalism by providing national-territorial administrative structures. Anne Stilz in The Value of Self-determination argues a people is born only when members engage in institutionalized political cooperation and see themselves as joint authors of their institutions.

This occurred in Tigray under the TPLF’s leadership of the armed struggle and its victory cemented the region’s self-realization and nation-building process, building on the long and rich legacy of organized political cooperation in Tigray. Tigrayan nationalism, strongly attached to Ethiopia, is a very powerful sentiment and remained so under the new integrative approach of a federal system that enshrined “Nations, Nationalities and Peoples” with the right to self-determination. John Young in Peasant Revolution in Ethiopia noted that Tigrayan nationalism, though deeply conscious of Amhara dominance, was a rallying cry. Tigrayans used to regard themselves as core Ethiopians; as such, ‘Tigrayanness’ was inseparable from Ethiopianism.

Tigray special forces military parade’ Mekelle; August 2020; social media

Abiy’s arrival in power in 2018 was greeted with euphoria, including in Tigray. He released prisoners, allowed Asmara- and Diaspora-based opposition groups like Ginbot 7 and the Oromo Liberation Front to come home, liberalizing and opening a stifled political space. However, his ‘reformist’ moves targeted TPLF as the scapegoat for all ills.

The dissolution of the EPRDF, a move whose legality was questioned, and rejected, by the TPLF, and its replacement by his own Prosperity Party, intensified the contradiction. The TPLF, removed from federal  coalition, was confined to Tigray. His move to cancel countrywide elections, on the pretext of COVID-19 pandemic, criticized in this very website and many others as unconstitutional by legal experts and rejected by TPLF, seemed to indicate an end to any possible engagement of Tigray under TPLF leadership with the Abiy-led federal government.

The indefinite extension of the current parliament was slammed by opposition figures, like Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba, who played a decisive role in bringing Abiy to power. They are now on trial, the promised democratic space is nowhere to be seen, and the prospect of countrywide protest and political turmoil is looming.

The building of GERD was regarded as a flagship project, a symbol of TPLF and Meles Zenawi-led policies of poverty eradication and economic emancipation for Ethiopia. Following Abiy’s takeover, the dam became a bone of contention between Prime Minister Abiy and TPLF. The violent death of the project engineer, arrest of MeTEC generals, who were in charge of the  mechanical works of the dam project, on corruption charges, (detained for more than a year now, no credible evidence of their guilt has yet produced), and allowing the US Treasury to direct the tripartite negotiations have been questioned by TPLF leadership as amateurish or even an outright concession of sovereignty.

These and similar actions make it difficult, if not impossible, for Tigrayans to rally behind Abiy’s leadership on GERD and other major Ethiopian issues. In fact, Tigrayan people in general, and the elite in particular, appear to have exhausted their ‘voice’ of support and are now in ‘neglect’ mode. Belonging, after all, depends on status, and expecting Tigrayans to rally behind a prime minister who offers little more than continual prospect of humiliation  is hardly realistic.

Anti-Tigray coalition

Eritrea was created by Italian colonizers. Tigrayans, south of the Mereb River, and highland Eritreans in the Kebessa, north of the Mereb River, are ethnically one people, tied by common history, political economy, myth, language and religion. Until the arrival of Italy in the 1880s, both shared a common identity; and during the more recent armed struggle, leading to Eritrean independence they fought against a common enemy, an oppressive Amhara-dominated state. However, they retained divergent political identities, and after military victory in 1991, they followed separate political paths-Eritreans created the new state in Africa and Tigrayans established federal arrangements in Ethiopia.

Their historic unity, wrecked by colonialism, continuous wars, and the divergent paths of the EPLF/EPDJ and TPLF, was followed by the terrible war (1998-2000) and subsequent decades of stalemate. The ascendance of Abiy and his bringing Eritrea in from the cold was applauded by Ethiopians and Eritreans alike, and by the Trans-Mereb people in particular. It brought Abiy the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, but it didn’t take too long for the glow of the accord to fade and the borders to be closed again extending the people’s suffering Despite re-closed borders, Eritreans have continued to flee to Tigray and other places; anywhere but Isaias’ Eritrea.

The agreement between Abiy and Isaias, made behind closed doors under the hands of the Saudis, has resulted in Abiy apparently listening far more to Isaias than to the TPLF in Ethiopian matters, and raising questions as to his intentions. Debretsion Gebremichael, TPLF chair and acting president of Tigray, has even claimed to elders and religious leaders of Ethiopia that Abiy is jointly training soldiers with Isaias to attack Tigray, one of Ethiopia’s regional states.

Certainly, Isaias lately downplayed the importance of elections in Ethiopia, and made it clear he would not remain on the sidelines over matters threatening Abiy’s changes and reforms. The indefinite postponement of elections in Ethiopia, alarming human rights violations in Amhara region (Qimant) and in Wellega, suggest Abiy has been learning from Isaias, who is regarded by the international community, which has imposed multiple embargos on Eritrea, as a force of destruction and instability in the region.

Exit inevitable

In the last two years, the pan-Ethiopian sentiment of Tigray and Tigrayans has collapsed, hitting rock bottom. According to the Hirschman evaluation, the longtime historic sentiment of Tigrayan consciousness can be regarded as “loyalty” or worse, “dumb faithfulness”. It was the TPLF that came up with an alternative mutual coexistence for Tigray with other Ethiopian nations, creating a federal state. It has been the TPLF which has been making repeated efforts to save the federal constitution in the face of the efforts to undermine it, defamatory propaganda against Tigrayans, the arrest and assassination of Tigrayan generals and delayed justice, and the naïve and dangerous relationship with Isaias, widely believed to be a relationship designed to attack Tigray. Abiy’s vow (although since backpedaled) to attack Tigray if it undertakes its own regional election, makes it clear that the ‘voice’ card is lost; ‘exit’ is the only option left.

The EVL model suggests that when sufficiently antagonized and outraged, even diehard loyalists opt for ‘exit’. ‘Voice’, of course can function more effectively if backed by the threat of ‘exit’, typically made by loyalists before they resign themselves to actually take the painful decision to withdraw.  The support for ‘exit’ among Tegaru, a paradigm shift in the Tigrayan ‘voice’, is being strongly encouraged by Abiy’s actions, and, strikingly, gaining currency among the younger generation.

Self-determination (‘exit’) must be applied with due regard for circumstances. It can, of course, be avoided by settlement or negotiation. The TPLF, hasn’t yet resolved its position, but nor have there been any negotiations.  Today, the TPLF is situated somewhere in ‘boycott’ status, between ‘exit’ and ‘voice’. As an organized political body, it has resigned (boycotted) from the federation, but has yet to take any firm steps towards ‘exit’.

New parties emerging in Tigray (Salsai Weyane and Baitona) and gaining youth support, are pushing Tigray’s interests and see a loose federation or confederation as a bare minimum for remaining united with the rest of Ethiopia; ‘exit’, and the formation of  an independent Tigray state, is the only other viable option. The newly established Tigray Independence Party (TIP)calls for outright ‘exit’, invoking Article 39 of the constitution. Political elements that support Abiy’s views, in the Tigray PP or “Fenqil (youth stationed in Addis Ababa privileged in the state media to instigate riot/color revolution in Tigray ) have failed to gain any meaningful support in Tigray.

Abiy’s “reformist” and “peacemaker” roles have failed to live up to expectations for Tigrayans, if not all other Ethiopian nations down south, with a history of marginalization in the Ethiopian imperial state, including the Oromo. His policies are increasingly perceived as defending the hegemonic position of the cultural Amhara, carrying the risk of fueling national liberation, and ‘exit’ claims from Tigray and other nations. Abiy is now being seen by some cultural Amhara scholars as a nation-builder in the tradition of Menilek II and Haile Selassie and as a defence against the ethno-nationalist movements they see as forces of disintegration.

Some cultural Amhara supported the Derg on this basis, taking the country into a dark political landscape that destroyed a generation and unleashed a long and destructive civil war that culminated in the secession of Eritrea and the birth of the multinational federation. We can only hope the signals of dissolving the federation and the unfavorable developments driving Tigray towards ‘exit’ can be addressed by means other than violence.

The omens, however, are not good.

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Editor’s note: Corrected date of Ethio-Eritrean war in second paragraph of ‘Anti-Tigray coalition’ section.

Main photo: TPLF anniversary celebration at Mekelle Stadium; 19 February 2020; social media

Editors: Patrick Gilkes, William Davison

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About the author

Abraham Asefa

Abraham is a civil engineer with M.Sc degree in geotechnical engineering and an MBA In international business. He works as a managing partner in the construction industry. Follow him on Twitter @abraham1226


  • Individuals who seriously entertain “exit” or independence should know that, in this day of monetized outrage, their words will carry through social media than the saner ones. So they should be ready to take responsibility for their actions. For every flippant and uninformed “exit” talk you express as if you represent the people of Tigrai, 10 voices, just as ignorant or misinformed, are springing up calling to PUSH Tigray out of the union. This is the glaring trend the proponents are failing to notice. Keep acting like you don’t belong and people will eventually make sure that you don’t.

  • I have known this author for a long time. Very focused and nice guy. But I had to keep my pre-existing knowledge and offered him a fresh look. Unfortunately, he put the last nail on the coffin – He’s done with Ethiopia. The author developed his argument to convince readers that “Exit is inevitable”. Unscrupulously, he claimed “Exit” is the only option left. Wow…

    I have no problem reading his reactive opinion which stems from the recent development. I wish he offered an idea in which people with different opinion can learn something. If one reads between the lines, he says ‘If it wasn’t for TPLF, tigray would opt for secession.’

    Like many ultra-nationalists, the author seems to use secession as bargaining strategy. Most of the responses (in the comments) says otherwise – “make it quick”. The good news is either of them represent the ordinary’s voice.

    Author also a said “Self determination (exit) can be avoided through negotiation”. What does he mean by “avoid”? No one is willing to negotiate. Mention one organization who recommends this approach. If he’s talking about nation building, that may not take negotiation but dialogue and discussion among stake holders.

    For the author, decision is more political position not about the interest of the people. He is encouraging TPLF to come out of the boycott and call it quits with Ethiopia. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing to let a dictator determine the fate of the great people of tigray who’s never been out of Ethiopia in history?

    Author’s options leave the people with no better option – Either Loose federation or confederation OR “independent Tigray state is the only option”. One thing he didn’t analyze is the ordinary people’s sentiment? Is this really a grass root? What about the continuous harassment of dissidents in tigray? Here’s the same question – How could a dictator decide the fate of a region? Although the opposition parties are gaining support, they haven’t had a chance to talk to the people. Hence it’s unlikely that they have articulated the desire of the people.

    I wish the author steps into others’ shoes (Oromo, Amhara, Southern or Somali). Is tigray the only region in conflict? There’s a severe unrest in the oromo region, a place where the PM came from. You won’t find any two regions that don’t have border conflict. The country’s problem is beyond PP and TPLF.

    The author clearly shows his allegiance to the newly formed nationalist parties. He out rightly believes their position. It’s either loose federalism or exit. What he didn’t understand is TPLF’s stand ain’t different. Sawet and Baytona one side of the tail and TIP is on the other side of tail. As a matter of fact, TPLF called them partners merely for their position in Ethiopia. I’m not sure why he tried to keep TPLF off the hook.

    The author clearly thinks the Abiy administration is revival of the Amhara elite. Just like tigreans, southern nations and Oromo are marginalized. Unfortunately he doesn’t even recognize the country as a republic. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence but just like Mehari Yohannes, the author called this great nation as imperial state. Another indication of Ideological subversion (ብከላ)።

    I do understand his position though. No matter how how much tplf messed up the politics, PP is making it worst. During a chaotic alternatives (PP), some may opt for dictatorship (TPLF). His position, however, politically might be an option for some elites, I wish he crafts his argument as a hopeful citizen and not as a “sour grape” quitter. When the black lives matter, the whites joined the rally and no one compromises their love towards their country.

    In short, the authors speaks for the vocal minority and not for the silent majority. Secession (as the author calls it exit) is neither tactical nor strategic.

  • After 3 decades of Tigray looting the country, no Ethiopian will shed a tear if they want to secede. Leave; no one will complain

    • In EPRDF’s Ethiopia the corrupt government officials each bought high rise buildings in each continent while Ethiopians suffer in their country with 10’s of millions of people resorting to dangerous journeys in exile or to domestic work in the Middle East.

      The Capital Flight in Ethiopia is at it’s worst currently worst than Woyane’s times, Lemma Megersa by himself is estimated to have invested billions of dollars secretly in wall Street’s stock trading in USA.

  • Every time a corrupt and shameless TPLF cadre spouts venom and threatens secession, the answer should be very simple: make the secession fast and final. Go ahead, make sure the Ethiopian door does not hit you on your way out of the mother land: we do not want it to be scratched. This statement applies exclusively to the TPLF wolves in sheep’s cloth that have looted, massacred murdered, tortured and subjugated countless number of Ethiopians, including our own true brothers and sisters in Tigray.

    TPLF cadres understanding of fake federalism is the set up of restrictive zones and categorization of people as cattle to be confined on TPLFs imagined pasture land. Suffering from massive intellectual dishonesty, fundamental moral decay, a lack of even the very basics of human decency, TPLF cadres and their cronies have been unleashing their deep hatred and vendetta arising from a deep seated inferiority complex on the helpless and innocent masses of Ethiopians for nearly half a century.

    These ungrateful opportunists and impostors have been bleeding the motherland from the inside, destroying the brotherhood and sisterhood of Ethiopians, their hospitality, humanity, tranquility and magnanimity.

    If out of all these suffering with her children, Ethiopia emerges as strong and unified, it is the duty of every Ethiopian to make sure those responsible for the endless suffering of her children are brought before the law and receive their comeuppance regardless of ethnicity, religion and gender. Without the rule of law, there cannot be peace. Extensive and impartial auditing of all state and public resources must be completed and released to the public in full. All cadres swarming and bench warming and wasting precious public resources in technical positions must be fired and replaced on the basis of ability, education and performance. Ethiopia must return to a meritocratic system and remove all deadweight, incompetent cadres from their ensconced ethnic and nepotistic high chairs and replace them with hardworking, educated and competitive technocrats.

    The national dialogue should shift permanently away from ethnocentric politics, and focus on the material, physical and life sciences, technology, mathematics and statistics, good governance, the establishment of independent judiciary and many more other institutions. Despite all the obstacles, Ethiopia is blessed to have innumerable number of well educated and deserving citizens in all corners of the country, among her very diverse and talented children. Ethiopians should rest their hopes on these jewels to extricate her from the turmoil and chaos that her ungrateful ones had levied on her through sheer ignorance, arrogance, empty bravado, irresponsibility and selfishness.

    As for the political chatterboxes, cadres, and ethno-fanatics, it is high time to pack up and hit the road. I am sure every Ethiopian wishes you enter a vow of silence now that you have shouted, screamed, spread venom and toxic political poison for so long. As the saying goes, Silence is Golden, and try it just for once so that the tired and weary ears of Ethiopians can hear uplifting and soul saving guidances in their churches, synagogues, and mosques. Silence is Golden, and try it just for once so that Ethiopians can hear their beautiful kids laughing, playing and singing. Silence is Golden, and try it just once so that Ethiopians can once again see each other and listen to one another as individuals, dignified, children of God – each with his or her own unique abilities, gifts, splendors, dreams and aspirations not a collection of chattel in a box with your ethnic label.

  • I will say it before and wills say it again. Tigray needs Ethiopia to survive. Even Eritrea needs Ethiopia. So go ahead.

    All these military weaponry is made up using the resources stolen from Amhara and Oromo areas. They sucked the Ethiopian economy dry while keeping their Tigray-first agenda and manipulating the people with divide-conquer tactics. When TPLF decides its time to succeed, they will realize they are putting their people in one big existential crisis. Not just identity crisis, but crisis of what to eat and drink. So go ahead.

  • Tribalism and extremism lead to insanity. When we need to be united as African for a better future, our new generation is advocating for the creation of tiny states. Yes, Tigray may seceded but, are you seeing the future for the next 30, 50 or hundred years? The agenda of secession is raised by the old Weyane leaders to protect themselves from the crime they committed / the property they looted. They were confusing Tegaru for 45 years. Tigray with mother Ethiopia would be better of than secession. If Wolkait and Raya issue is not solved, Tigray and the whole country would be engulfed in eternal conflict. Tigray as it is exercising autonomous status is the best solution. Amassing different types of weaponry may grant temporary victory. It won’t bring permanent solution. War is ugly, war will not select and protect certain group of people. The final and last goal of extremism is war. We need to avoid this devastating idea of confrontation. Let’s be wise and civilized. There is nothing which can not be solved using round table discussion.

    • Exit from Ethiopia is the youth’s aspiration. We see how Ethiopia treats Tigrayans and we are not willing to be subjugated by anyone. Equality. The older generation is more amenable to staying in Ethiopia and while fighting for their rights. We, the younger ones are no longer interested. Not if we have to fight for what is already ours.

      • Please make it fast. The sooner you leave, the sooner Ethiopia will be at peace.
        Just do your research first. Read history, geography, economy. In all these points, Tigray will lose more by leaving.

        • Are you sure about it? When Tigray leave, Oromo will follow, as result there will be no more Ethiopia!!! Use your little brain before vomiting whatever is in your mind

  • Dear editor,

    The article contains grossly biased information. The current situation was created by TPLF itself. For the last three decades (27 years of TPLF rule), the country was ethnically sensitized and actually fragmented in to nine separate states with nine different flags. Each of the nine states were told to use ethnic languages for official communication all undermining the nationhood of Ethiopia by eroding the common factors of national identity (undermining national flag, avoiding common language of communication, dismantling supratructure-common religious identities etc..). Except for the use of Amharic as a national language, the Amhara people were even more oppressed than others by the previous regimes. Remember each and every nation/country in the world has national language (working language) to facilitate internal communication. If Amharic as a common language is not needed, then it has to be one of the local languages; if the local languages could not be used as a common medium of communication, then one of the international languages should be used in the whole country to forge common understanding. Amharic was used for close to 1000 years. Those African nations who got independence in the 1960s are not criticized for using one ethnic language as a national medium of communication. The 1995 self-imposed TPLF Ethiopian constitution had already recognized a number of Languages as ‘official languages’’.

    It seems your article was written by a member of TPLF or somebody supporting the manifesto of TPLF. By the way, most, if not all, previous rulers of Ethiopia were having more of Oromo supporters and used to select Oromos for key government positions (more than the Amharas). You may refer to the authorities of emperors Menelik, Haile Selassie and even during the military Junta. If at all, discrimination and suppression have to be rejected, the Amharas should be in the fore front of the demonstration.

    The strategy used by TPLF when it started its armed struggle was borrowed from the Italians. The European nation during the five years independence war in Ethiopia used the strategy of destroying Amharas and the orthodox Christian religion. This was because Amharas were great fighters for freedom and the religion is the binding factor for the nation. During the brief Italian occupation of parts of Ethiopia between 1936-1941 close to 600,000 Amharas were slaughtered by the colonial invaders- more than any other ethnic group.

    Let me again reiterate the fact that TPLF had killed, incarcerated and even committed genocide against the Amharas through the so called ‘’birth control’’ or family planning schemes. Three decades of displacements of Amharas from the different regions/states of the country were planned, ordered and orchestrated by TPLF and its allied parties.

    It is shameful that your article was not mentioning the three decades of the ordeals of the Amharas. Your article intentionally supports the TPLF strategy and all the ideals of extremist ethnic groups in the country. I may not be surprised if this article was written by somebody who supports TPLF or somebody who advocates for the disintegration of the country or somebody who is sponsored by Egyptian affiliates. One sided story telling is always the source of confusion. History and existing facts will never be concealed forever. One should analyze Ethiopian history before coming up with such biased information which will lead to greater harm. One should look for historical accountability which is a rare commodity these days.


  • This what happen when you a person grow up only in one side just by been one side minded
    ke 10gna kefel university yegebal zeregna hono yewtal min endeyaseb enefkedelet ?4amet ye mengest enejera belto ketun adelebo weta aletmarem !! Awen demo le mahemochu tenesh bemechelew kuwankewa eyesafeenegest or ye abey menegest besetachew birr net gezeto meleao yabelawen eje yenekesal zergna ena bado beasebe sayehone be semet yememera sedeb bado chenekelat mejemeray ethiopiawi honeh betadege sele ager taseb neber deneze

  • Abiy is not pushing aside TPLF let alone the Tigrayan people. It is TPLF which is rebelling against the federal government because its ambition for dominance and its fallacious outlook is not accepted. TPLF represents the past while Abiy represents the future. That is why the former is loosing consistently. Don’t try to disguise your selfish motives in the name of constitution, self rule and democracy. No body has denied you that.

  • Ato. Abraham just by reading about your article i can guess that you are a short sited person who is and has been living in tigray region for a long period of time and only use the tplf sponsered medias to gather your information. As person who can read and write at this age and time, try to use other information channels to get your facts about things that are relly going on in your country. Try to understand the things you read in a non biased way and try to understand others point of view. While at it try to be an affirmative person who can make a postive change using your job atlest try to be helpfull for your people in tigray. As a journalist stop dogmatic expression of your opnions and present the facts as they are. But whatever the case try to make your own opinions rather than repeating what your demagogues say. You have to try to write something that is inclusive of all the people living in Ethiopia if not possible atleast try to be fair for your audience in tigray. I can see you are an engineer in Ethiopia and guess that this journalism gig is your main job so try to truly invest your time and energy on it. Dont forget to be a responsible, effective, change creating and trustworthy person( not just a journalist) as much as you can.

  • It makes me feel great to read the cries of ex abusers perhaps both tigere and amharas are both criminals who abused other groups in Ethiopia so the time has came to say no more abuse of Oromo and Somali people.

  • The Gondere Prime Minister had went too far with his Anti-Tegaru propoganda. For the time being Tegaru will live as how Eritreans lived between the years 1991 to 1998.

    By the year 2025 before the war between Sudan/Egypt and Ethiopia erupts, Tegaru need to declare our independence. Let the shitty Qizenam Gonderes put on their diapers and face the fight against Sudan and Egypt. It will be the time for these Gondares who spent their lifetimes talking the talk , actually walk the walk, at least let them crawl. Talk is cheap. If they want Raya , kelemt or Wolqait let them try Tegaru we will show them how a real fight looks like.

    Tegaru will not sacrifice our children fighting under a military led by the Gondere PM , we sacrificed too much already for decades. The future is bright for Tegaru, I can not say the same for the Gonderes but they seem to be digging their own graves between CoronaVirus and their loud mouths and weak fighting skills their future is so sad.

  • Dear Abrham
    Thank you for such well articulated and mature argument.
    Keep enlightening the masses.
    I salute you.
    Tigray shall be free!

  • Who cares if YPLF chooses independence. Tigrat is one of the 3 Kilils that always takes more than it gives to the Federal government. መንገዱን ጨርቅ ያድርግላችሁ። Just make sure you leave Wolkait Tegede & Raya behind if you want to leave and live in peace.

    • Try to see the objective evidence. In percentage terms, Tigray has the highest percentage contribution relative to the budget allotted by federal government. if you have the time and capacity to analyze, go and check the data with the Ministry of Finance.

      And with the issue of Wolkayit and Raya, leave alone to let part of ours to others, we have a lot more to claim. Our border is Aluwuha Milash (south), and Ras Degena (Dashen) in the south west.

  • Tigray “Exit” is not imminent, nor is it desirable or practical. For the people of Tigray, being Ethiopian is more than a political identity – it is also a historical and spiritual identity. In that sense, the people of Tigray are not willing to give up on Ethiopia. It is not Tigray that is moving away from Ethiopia; it is Abiy and his base keeping Tigray out of Ethiopian political life, through purges and eviction from government positions. For two years now, TPLF and Tigray people have endured Abiy’s words and actions of defamation, animosity, and political imprisonment of some individuals. And then there is the travesty called “peace” at the Eritrea border, it has become an alliance against Tigray. In spite of all that and more, TPLF and Tigray will continue to persevere. I have to believe that TPLF has considered all possible situations in deciding to hold Tigray election in the coming days. In my opinion, election should be held in a peaceful political environment, and not in a situation of political tension. If there are conditions that require to cancel the election, there is still time to cancel before September 9, and such a decision may be in the best interest of Tigray. This will allow TPLF to concentrate on its primary commitment to protect and defend Tigray from animosity and potential aggression from all directions.
    The future of federalism in Ethiopia, Abiy and TPLF, Abiy and the Oromo movement now in suspended animation with its political leaders in jail and house arrest. These are some of the political issues to be sorted out. Hopefully goodwill will prevail in the search for political solutions.

  • This threat of we will go for independence if we don’t get our way is utterly useless. Ethiopians really don’t care. In fact, Tigrian independence may go down in history as the first time when the entity losing the territory is genuinely more happy about the independence than the entity getting the independence.

  • Balderdash!
    30 years and counting, the one thing that animates ethno-nationalists, is Amara bashing and hate. One would think, if their fiction were true, Amara domination had ended 30 years ago when Woyanne supposedly saved Ethiopia [or its peoples, in TPLF parlance] from the Amara. For 27 years the Tigray leadership dominated. Today it’s the Oromo. The experience for much of Ethiopia is that ethnic federalism is actually an excuse for open dominance by one ethnic group. And central to that cause of open dominance under the guise of self-determination, is the ever-cursed Amara boogeyman. For ethno-nationalists that boogeyman will never go away, no matter what. 100 years from today it will be the Amara that dominates their sorry existence. Where would they be without it? It is the foundation of their identity. The ground beneath their feet. Take the boogeyman out and their very existence would wither like a sand castle.

    Regarding this so-called exit strategy – the last refuge of ethno-nationalists: TPLF scoundrels put article 39 in their constitution for this very purpose. If they cannot rule and dominate, of course they will threaten to pull that red card from their back pockets now. How could it be otherwise? If it isn’t over this issue today, it will be over that issue tomorrow. Interestingly, Oromo ethno-nationalists are not talking about secession today. But they sure will, when they are not in a position to dominate anymore. Hence the whole business of ethnic federalism has proved to be just another clever recipe for dominance by one group. But I digress.

    If exit route is seriously being considered by TPLF, I’d really like to see the morons try though. I know they will be soundly humiliated. Contrary to the authors belief, I think such a move would finally force the people of Tigray to rise up and throw the bums out.

    • Well said. When one ethnic group which was allegedly marginalized before comes to power, then they claim to work for Ethiopia. When they lose power, all of a sudden they pull the succession card.

      Through out this drama, Amhara people have to suffer for keeping this playground untouched from the Europeans. One day all this ethno-nationalists will take whatever land they can get and leave. That will be a day of peace.

  • If there is a sane human being that distinguishes TPLF from ODP/beltsegena he/she doesn’t deserve to live. So the article is irrelevant.
    the only solution is the destruction of የዘር ስርአት and replacing with ህዝባዊ ዴሞክራሲያዊ ሁሉን አሳታፊ (inclusive) ስርአት፡፡

  • As an Amhara, we are there when only five countries were civilized all over the world. We are here possessing an independent state which is far to most of the countries in the world. And we will be there modernized and powerful in front of the world while you are still working to pull us back day and night with your false and intoxicated narrative. We the young Amharas are not waiting your blessing to create a unified and civilized Ethiopia. As far as you are always releasing your hate to my beloved Amhara and Ethiopia, i only say go for it. We are not ready to be part of your hate destination. You Tplf guys should know that Amhara was/is not in a fool belief that possessing a wide territory is the only way to florish and civilize. It is in the mind of the people whish is fundamental factor to achieve that goal.

  • This article is based on false narrative and did not include the perspective of otheres or even worse it was written to delude the people. TPLF should be held responsible for all the damage, corruption and hate that has widely spread in the nation. PM Dr.Abiy Ahmed’s gov’t has pushed his patienece way too far and has never let the media talk degrading topics of TPLF. But more importantly it did not and would not ever spread any kind of hate speech or lies against the Tigray people as they are also Ethiopians. The Tigray people aren’t asking for any kind of “exit”,it is only a fake propaganda that TPLFites use to mislead the public especially the foreign people. If the Tigray people will is to be implemented the first thing to do is let the people access abundant media and then conduct a legitimate and fair election, when that day comes the TPLF regime( Sibhat dynasty) will be held responsible and face the justice they deserve.

  • by the way secession is the thing you used to hide from being considered as weak in diplomacy and political negotiation. It is a political failure. A man who is not able to confront his ‘enemy’ uses the technique of running away.

    • I think this opinion is belongs to the author, and might not reflect the mass. If self determination upto sessions is worth EPRDF/TPLF could have been applied during their administration. So, please don’t waste your valuable time on illusions.

  • The Article is so full of biasness. The writers narration is nothing but something is expected from a man who possesses a profession (Engineering) which is odd to politics and logic. Most importantly the Article is backed by political mission of a certain group called TPLF. Note, TPLF is always dreaming secession even in the time when they control the economic and political aspect of the country.

  • Getachew Reda’s stupidity on steroids. The piece is TPLF’s propaganda concisely written in English.

    Tigrayan people are true Ethiopians and the Sebhat dynasty is on its last leg.

    Tigray’s ‘exit’ is a pipe dream and the figment of the author’s crazy mind.

  • A well written piece, and on balance a fair one. I only hope some of Abiy’s advisors read this article and discuss at least the merits some of your cautionary points. If Tigray goes, Oromia goes – what’s left of the Ethiopian Empire then?

  • I read the article about three times to try and find of there is anything new that could actually convince me of viability of a Tigray “exit”. I found none! If at all its a recycled thought process of our TPLF leaders that we’ve ban hearing almost all our lives. My key observations are as follows:
    1. I fully agree with the observations of the previous comments by others that there is a lot of emptiness in the arguments. Its yet another attempt at sensationalism and diving us Tegaru into the abyss.
    2. I totally disagree with the demonisation of Eritrea in anything that had to do with Tigray. Since I too speak the Tigrigna language I can confirm that no one has ever heard the Eritrean leader or EPLF supporters talk about Tigray or Tegaru as a threat or enemy. All we hear is them taking about TPLF. Three people of Tigray have been mislead for a long time about their identity. In fact, it’s the TPLF and Tigreans that we hear talk about ethnicity in Eritrea and also of incorporation of Eritrea into Greater Tigray.
    3. The writing style fails me to believe that a young Tigrean engineer could write it! The framing of the issues lacks depth of indigenous understanding, the description of the relationship between Eritrean and Ethiopian leaders lacks substance and merit and is very foreign, the anticipation of a desire for a militarised solution by Eritrea in its conflict with TPLF is completely flawed and foreign concept, every Ethiopian and Tigrean knows that the ethnic federalism of Ethiopia was never implemented and that you’ve to be a foreigner to believe that happened. In short, this isn’t written by an Ethiopian let alone by a chemical engineer!

  • I would like to thank the commenters above for debunking most of the claims of this erroneous article meticulously! I think some activists are under the impression that enough years have passed for us to ignore or forget the crimes of TPLF mafia, the reason why this ‘lewt’ occurred in the first place!
    I know truth and fiction gets muddled in our misbegotten politics but if anyone needs reminding, TPLF had infiltrated all federal and regional bodies, by setting up their proxy networks (other corrupt politicians), and were using them to amass wealth, land and resources.
    And if Abiy’s plan is to create TPLF/EPRDF 2.0 under a new name (PP)- as told in the leaked Shimelis’ speech- then of course we ought to resist as that will further extend the dark days of this nation.
    Though the writer of this article tried to give a semblance of intelligence to his analysis, by referencing Albert O. Hirschman’s work ‘Exit, Voice and Loyalty’, it still reeks of bias and falsity. The one who is trying to play the ‘exit’ card, to further destabilize this country,because it still thinks it can count on the ‘loyalty’ (mostly by suppression and oppression) of its people is TPLF. And having a fake election by setting up proxy ‘opposition’ parties (something they are well experienced of) to all of a sudden pretend they are the most democratic, freedom-loving federalists is hypocrisy, irony, confusion of the highest order! But yet again we expect nothing less from this crooks.

  • There arr many points I can raise but let me remmber your false lines claim prior 1991 Ethiopia was Ethnic amhara state.How?
    The amhara peoole are the first to be attackd by Derg becuase of Ptotests withslognas like “ፋሽስታዊ ደርግ ይውደም ህዝባዊ መንግስት ይቋቋም” for the details as The USA diaapora Ethiopian communituy.
    2.The 1960s Students Movement was largelly organized and lead by Ethnic amhara students Go and read birography of the likes of Walelign Mekonnen, Berhane Meskel Reda meany more.
    3.You have mention the Woyane Rebillion and Bale uprising,,,to justify u r lojic but Wou eskip mentioning The Raya rebillion,Gojjam rebillion,,,why Amharas have rally and uprise against the rule While There is Ethnic Amhara Ethiopia state at the first place.
    YOU provided your hate and inferiority pshychology against this ethnic group by extending the hate and prejudice the Italians created ad hand over it to your Liberators such as TPLF.

    • Let me correct you Sir, Some cultural Amhara scholars supported the derg to the peril of Amhara per se, I said. By the time they supported the derg regarding him as “Ethiopia First”, they let him destroy bright generation of students (mainly amhara, for in the imperial era, the students were more than 50% from Amhara). I also request you to differentiate ethnic amhara from cultural amhara, the later is more of a cultural construct.

      Please also notice, Student Movement and later EPRP Pioneers of Tigrai origin had disproportionately heavy role, say Birhanemeskel Reda , who coined the popular Amharic equivalent of “land to the tiller” “መሬት ላራሹ” and later became EPRP first leader is from Bizet, Eastern Tigrai, educated with his grandfather in Dessie. The legendary Dr. Tesfay Debesai is form Tigrai (Erob), Zeru Kihishen, Biniam Adane, Yosef Adane, all Politburo members, were of Tigrayan Origin. If you go back to the inception stage of the student movement, you will find Tigrayan figures like Tilahun Gizaw and Mesfin Haftu, who were very prominent.

      In any way, I am mentioning them for balanced view, never undermining the student mass, mainly Amhara who advocated for revolution and ended the ancient imperial regime and paid steep price, I am rather saying otherwise, and criticizing the trend of supporting a killer in favor of “Ethiopia First”, by some cultural Amhara elites. It made the Amhara people the first victim, and in a historic turnaround, the trend is being repeated now, rallying under Abiy misdeeds.

      • Abrham; most of the content of your pieces are based on the usual narrations fabricated by oppressive TPLF for the last 40 years. It is not Abiy that let you ‘exit’ from this greately constructed country,Ethiopia but the TPLF’s preplan of succession which is narrarated in the name of constitution. TPLF and its allies are based on the Amhara hatered self ego. Amhara Ethinics are paying tremedous prices for this country. Thousands or more Amharas payed their lives just for simply ‘Ethiopianism’. All these are committed by your barbaric TPLF. If you choose this organization, you can exit. There is no need to pay another extra cost in the name of unity, never.

  • It is so annoying to see you writing such an embarrassing article for a person of your background mentioned.
    This shameful article is just a pay off the weyane kind of way of working and under estimating the intelligence of the Ethiopian people.
    Weyane is a wounded and dead bunch of hyenas. It was advisable for them just to exist and disappear in the holes of Mekel for good.
    Shame on you. Please don’t try to come with another embarrassing article anymore as nobody will buy it.

    • This is a Tigrayan view, and is becoming dominant opinion; so you need to start living with it.
      Don’t externalize things, you are embarrased by what your country is going through now, Mekeret gual Haile 🙂

  • What an enlightening and richly informative writing Abraham!

    Your well organized and chronological stating the facts is truly superb.

    Thanks a million!

    • Really, I can’t believe that woyanne and TPLF are complaining about injustice!!! After so many years of oppression by TPLF thugs and their corrupted politicians. The man who wrote this article is cruel heartless who is not ashamed of his evaluation regarding the injustice. No one is gonna buy this erroneous article.

  • It’s funny you see Eritreans as your kins. We see you as the “untouchables” of India.
    Our business with agames is not over yet.

    • Hahaha, please come and see a ‘new’ cash vending machine, aka ATM 🙂 which your Agame boss doesn’t know even its existence, in Tigray. loser.
      unless for political correctness, no one wants you after all.

    • Don’t flatter yourself, there are thousands of Eritrean refugees being cared for in Tigray, they see the kinship. The refugees don’t want to go back to Eritrea, aka the North Korea of Africa. It gives me no pleasure to say that, but your comment requires a comparable response.

  • As someone quoted as saying ” I used to steal and kill a lot and with an abundance of mischief, but I don’t do that anymore, because believe in karama.” So true when it comes to the TPLF’s OP in the past and present political contradictions. Now they are suddenly worried about the respect of the constitution, elections and federalism system,etc. as if they ever gave a crap about it. There is not point of redemption now nor ever. The rest is BS as the above comment aptly describes..

  • This article is mere propoganda of TPLF. Ethiopia is a creation of all groups in its current teritory and not one Ethnic group. The country has a history of more than 3000 , not 150 years. Tgrian people have no plan to exit but TPLF can exit and go to Egypt with billions of dollars stolen from Ethiopia.

    • Only Tigray has a history of 3000 years, don’t mix up tale and history. TPLF is part of Tigray and Tigrayan history.
      Tigray is going to be an independent state soon. Followed by Oromiya.

      • There was no Tigray nation until Woyanne came into picture. You can ask Emperor Yohannes what his nation is, he will proudly tell you ETHIOPIA.

  • Hello Abraham Assefa,
    Thank you for the well-articulated read, it is clearly written, well referenced and factually supported article.

    Abiy’s “reformist” and “peacemaker” roles have failed to live up to expectations for Tigrayans, if not all other Ethiopian nations down south, with a history of marginalization in the Ethiopian imperial state, including the Oromo.

    The current state of the country is due to the totalitarian ambition of Abiy Ahmed, for some reason most Amhara elites seem to be happy with him. Unless he makes a U-turn quickly, the country is in the verge of disintegration. I haven’t seen any ethnic group who wants to go back to pre-1991. If ethnic federalism is bad for some elites, I think confederation could be a solution for most ethnic groups. As you put it in your article, the right to self-determination is an important component of any negotiation to stay intact in the federation.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Abraham, thank you for sharing your opinion, and don’t forget you can do this b/c for the very same reason that you bash PM Abiy, the reform. But I digress, as you have stated your “opinion” let me state mine.
    This reads more like a TIP manifesto than the TIP manifesto itself (aka excuses put forth for seccession when it is called upon…basically bullshit) and judging by your twitter posts you’ve made up your mind since 2019. It is filled with conspiracy theories and innuendos, I’ll just debunk some here and leave the rest for you conscious, but let’s begin.
    1. The war b/n Ethiopia & Eritrea isn’t because of irreconcilable differences, border, economics or Badme. It was b/c of stupid competition for dominance over the region in general and Ethiopia in particular (although this might be considered as irreconcilabe difference)
    2. I’ll dabble in some conspiracy here myself, while you state that the TPLF considered independence and then rejected it, it’s manifesto hasn’t been changed since 1968 (Eth Cal) or even officially denouced.
    3. While you claim that the federation is “dead”, it proves more to be existent and finally in operation than the last 27 years of it’s existence and turns out it’s filled with contradictions and problems, heck the President of Benishangul “requested” that federal gov’t’s help in administrating the region. Staying on this point, the so called federation that existed before the ascension of PM Abiy had resulted in winners and losers and relegated citizens to 2nd class in whatever region they were. It also excluded other ethnicities just b/c the TPLF deemed them unworthy in participating in the administration of their country. As the youth in Piassa say, “he that has been used to oppressing will never agree to equality.”
    4. the “fakumentary” you stated in a non starter. To begin with only one guy said the tigrigna speakers part in a documentary that was 2 hours and 30 minutess long and he wasn’t associated with the government, second while it was never admitted in public, everybody (except you apparently) knew what was happening in Makelawi. I went to school with some of them that were tortured by whipping them with a live wire that have not recovered to this day. This argument is utilized to agitate the people rather than to acutally face the facts that actually happened there.
    5. “Tigreans on trumped up charges” is again bullshit b/c again it was well known and above all presented in court.
    6. The “assassination of the Chief of Staff and a retired top general” is the key one here and it’s innuendo. Gen. Seare was labeled a traitor to the people of Tigray by TPLF it’s cronies and when he died he was suddenly a “martyr”. His death was used to again agitate the people and drive them to supporting the bullshit works of TPLF. In this regard, the 1st year and half after TPLF was pushed out of Addis, was dedicated solely to showing — via Dimtsi Weyane, Tigray TV, aiga forum etc — all the problems that were plaguing the country and all the problems Tigrayans faced just so to convince the people of Tigray that, should TPLF stop ruling then they will all die…I remember a person on facebook saying if the death of 3 tigrayans is called genocide then what do we call the death of 50,000 oromoos.
    7. The ” claimed to elders and religious leaders of Ethiopia that Abiy is jointly training soldiers with Isaias to attack Tigray, one of Ethiopia’s regional states” is again conspiracy and bullshit…he couldn’t logically prove and convince his point so he resorted to a time tested and effective tool of TPLF, scaring the population.
    8. The “Abiy has been learning from Isaias” again conspiracy and bullshit.
    9. The “Some cultural Amhara supported the Derg on this basis” is again bullshit, the amhara were fighting the derg as well, the only reason people associate them with the Derg is b/c they also — although that feeling is being eroded nowadays — wanted a united Ethiopia. Unity doesn’t mean the same, Unity doesn’t mean oppression and Unity doesn’t mean unitary.
    10. and lastly while you claim that TPLF birthed a multinational federation, that only existed on paper. In reality the entire country and populace were used as staging grounds for corrupt individuals and thieves, with the exception of Meles (while he was undoubdtly a dictator, he did plot the course of Ethiopia’s development and led it till his death). Prime examples might be a single woreda in Afar region being the epicenter of a non-existent tourist destination with over 180 licenses for hotels and imports given out, the Somali region being used for contraband that was being run using the army’s vehicles, 10 industries in the Amhara region that were announced by METEC and none stand, the Yayu fertilizer industry project (a trully heartbreaking story of a gov’t obsessed with stealing land from poor farmers), the Addis Ababa master plan that had — among other bullshit things — a 10,000 hectare land to be seized in the town of Sabbataa for the “Meles Park” etc etc.
    So stop trying to re-write history before our very own eyes to support your own bullshit agenda for seccession and tell the same thing to Wefiri Harinet, TPLF, Salsay Woyane, Baitona, TIP and all those ethno-nationals that plague tegaru.

    If you’ve made it here, thanks for your attention and don’t hesitate to comment (but stick to the facts, don’t do what the writer did).

    • You have debunked the majority of the “arguments” that the author tried to present. And I thank you for that.

      Just to add a few points:
      1) The so called Baitona, Salsay Woyane and TIP are newly hatched TPLF chickens. It is astonishing how the author of the piece made himself so willingly ignorant to the extent that he argued with the way he did. Technically there is one political party in Tigray and that is TPLF.
      2) I am flabbergasted that the author of the piece actually believes and tries to convince his readers that “the prime minister of Ethiopia conspires with president of Eritrea” to attack TPLF. This is the mantra of the TPLF old guards. In the author’s piece I see a parallel as the adage that goes “ If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.”
      3) The author wrongly equated the people of Tigray with the TPLF and its newly hatched chickens. This level of deliberate ignorance is beneath a third grader’s understanding of political awareness.
      4) I would have thought anyone with the author’s level of education would understand the complex issues that ensue the Tigray’s attempt to “exit” and clearly state some of them together with consequences and results. Rather, the author made “exit” look like it would be a walk in the park. God forbid, if it happens, it is going to be extremely dangerous. For sure Raya, Enderta, Wolkayt, and Humera and its surroundings would be areas of bloodshed. It is a fait accompli that these areas will never be part of Independent Tigray however hard TPLF may try. I strongly believe other parts of Tigray will give TPLF a run for its money as well.
      5) I hope and pray that the author will have his intellectual faculty restored so he can see things clearly and be able to write pieces that are proper to the level of his educational qualifications.

    • Most of the points you raised are acceptable. But don’t try to discard the whole point of the article. First Tegaru are being scared to talk in Tigirigna in other parts of the country because of the rehoteric created by the Prime Minister and his media that created hate against them.This marginalization will obviously create secessionist sentiment. Moreover, there is no dialogue being conducted between the incumbent government and tplf. This tells us the either the federal government doesn’t care about the disintegration of the country or it wants it to happen. Whatever the situation, the Tigrean peripherization in Ethiopia is becoming a reality. And this is no good for the foundation of Ethiopian statehood and nationality in historical and political terms. it’s not something we can shrug off simply because we hate it. It’s becoming a reality unless something is done about it

    • Mr “BS”, save slurs to your types and counter-argue your stand. The article leaves little room to “make believe” noisy propagandists for it is researched and referenced.

      1. Let us take you seriously then 🙂 If Meles Zenawi and Esayas Afewerki had Ethiopian dominance competition, Meles did won and now appears for Esayas turn, and its awkward. You are recklessly putting Eritrean and Ethiopian on Ethiopia matters though.

      2. 1968 ec means when TPLF was one yr old and had less than 100 combatants anyway. Its now 45 yrs old. what point did you make other that what is said in this article, no matter your trivial accusations?

      3. Things happened after drafting this article (Killing of Hacallu, the iconic Oromo singer, arrest of Jawar Mohammed and Bekelle Gerba, Killings of Wolaita Zone, Killings and arrests of Protestors in Oromia…) did make my claims more vivivd than not, other than my arguments.

      4. The first fekumentary that was aired on the state medias at a time was about MeTec leaders. It happened before the percieved perperrators were brought to court. They were made “guilty until proven innocent”. To this date, more than 40 rounds of appointments, there is no substance that prove them guilty. check out the link i placed on the article for details. The second fecumentary that placed security personnel of Tigrayan origin on mass arrest, did portrait Tigrigna speakers as looters, homosexuals and what not? The third fekumentary aired on Ginbot 20 was embarrassing to any sane person. Recently, on Ginbot 20 (May 28/ Derg Downfall Day), an official holiday, Abiy Ahmed had a documentary broadcast to tarnish Tigrayan struggle ones more, and discredit the federal constitutional order. This time around, a girl named Lidya Mohammed, who was featured in the documentary as victim of “Tigrayan rule”, stepped up to tell the truth. She said all the things that were portrayed in the documentary, did in fact happen during Abiy Ahmed’s rule. She said she went to the media herself to tell the injustice that happened upon her. They interviewed her, but didn’t broad cast it for so long time. She gave up and moved with her life. She then heard her voice was used for the evil purpose of defaming Tigrayans on the holiday documentary. That was too egregious for her to simply accept. She came to Tigrai and exposed the evil did. Check out her exposing on Tigrai TV at

      6. Its insensitive and undermines Tigreans psche and attachment to Gen. Seare and Gen. Gezai. How can you undermine his wife’s repeated call for justice at least? (A year did pass since assassination of the Chief of Staff without justice being served. His wife’s recent disclosure to BBC and OMN of her desperation of delaying the justice process is literally heart breaking. The guard who killed The Chief of Staff in front of his wife and family was arrested and still is not sentenced, or those behind the killing not exposed)

      7 & 8. Abiy’s recent visit to “sawa”, military training of Eritrean youth and attending graduation (of all possible visit acts 🙂 ) sounds he is betraying your downplaying the claim of Debretsion. It is serious act of treason that shall be pondered, irrespective of what its outcome can be. He seemed he was learning it on spot 🙂

      9. Read John Young’s PhD dissertation for reference /word in word.

      10. Meles park is just a public park like entoto park 🙂 i used to walk through the protected green area on sundays and now i do on entoto, good if we call entoto Abi park btw. give credit when its due.

      the old rhetoric and defamation, and blame game is what took us this far. I an questioning it and the developments are being perceived far regressive, imperial era seems to be being seek in vain.

      Note in anyway that, Tigrai’s sheer valor in the face of far armed and unparalleled enemy is an exception. read some history books that, the developments are more of motivating Tigrai than terrorizing it. not knowing this sentiment is big “BS”
      dehna edir.

  • Who cares about bandit weyane that killed robed and divided the Ethiopian people for 27 years until you kicked out of Addis . we the rest of all Ethiopian people love our poor Tigrai that never get any thing from weyanes that kept them poor.

    • hahaha… Ethiopia will be gone soon. It will be history. Everyone is fade up, say it Oromo, Tigray, Wolayta, Sidama, Afar what have you. We will see if amhara could survive at all.

  • አድክሞች!!!! ለምን አትጠረጉም። ሌባ ፡ግብረሶደማዊ ሄደ ቀረ። ሌብነታችሁ ነው የሚቀረብን። ቃር!!!! የናተ አክሱም፡ ነጃሺ ፡ ሌላም የምትፈልጉ ከሆነ ይጨመርላችኋል። የሌባ አይነ ደረቆች

  • Surprisingly, Tigray will not survive without Ethiopia! Not sooner, the ignorant elites of it plausibly get those innocent people of Tigray to unspeakably worst condition! This might be the right time for the people of Tigray to stop the madness of its outdated cum oldest political factions!

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