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EIEP Podcast: Sidama following statehood

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In this episode, Ethiopia Insight Election Project’s Tobias Hagmann asks Maya Misikir, a freelance journalist based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to reflect on issues she raised in the EIEP’s ‘Sidama’s statehood quest, beyond recognition’.

The Gaado Furra march that took place in April 2019; Ethiopia Insight

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Ethiopia Insight Election Project Podcasts are authors’ reflections on their in-depth reported pieces from across Ethiopia that analyze issues related to this year’s polls.

Main photo: A “Welcome to Sidama National Regional State” banner erected in July 2019, before the referendum, near the proposed regional border; 13 July 2019; William Davison

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  • The Sidama people are being torn apart by the Federal Government in order to assert Control over the Region. The Fed wants to control the region cause Sidama refused to wait when PM Abiy requested the Elders imagine if we have waited we woudn’t be region he would have done like he did with the Wolaita people arrest the leaders and brand the question as the question of the leaders but not the People. See Ethiopia also Abiy used divide and Conquer method to come to power then after he took power his own method started to challenge him he is going unprofessional. I needed to release this so thanks. Good governance over the region doesn’t come by appointment from the top rather letting the people choose only can accommodate the question but not solve it. VIVA LA FEDERALISM.

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