Teflon TPLF

It is time for both the TPLF and its opponents to change their counter-productive ways

Ethiopia’s post-1991 political order was primarily the construction of an alliance of four ethnic parties—but this was never a coalition of equals. The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) had significant control over the birth and development of the other members of the ruling front.

Over the last three years, the Oromia and Amhara parties, under the stewardship of the TPLF for more than a quarter of a century, escaped TPLF control, aided by popular protests that swept the two regions. A member of that elite revolt, Abiy Ahmed, came to power in 2018, and generated hope and optimism. But the prime minister also faced wide ranging challenges that have become existential for the country.

His promise to bring full democracy is being seriously tested by forces within the ruling alliance and outside. TPLF opposes Abiy’s approach after he reduced its federal power. But despite this, TPLF maintains the loyalty of most Tigrayans. The reason is that trust between key political actors has evaporated, with Abiy at the centre of the unfolding drama. Many Tigrayans side with TPLF elites rather than a new leader in Addis Ababa who is associated with anti-Tigrayan sentiment.

Tigrayans’ liberation struggle was against repression and discrimination. However, soon after the freedom fighters seized state power many turned into oppressors. They found it difficult to share power. Allowing others to win in credible elections was apparently deemed unacceptable. All dissenting voices—including their own comrades—were suppressed, both at the regional and federal levels.

Lingering loyalty

Yet still, decades on from the start of such controlling behaviour, the TPLF commands loyalty in Tigray. This is not because TPLF lifted Tigrayan farmers out of poverty. According to a government report in 2018, Tigray was still the poorest region in the country in 2015-16. Instead it is because TPLF has succeeded in maintaining its positions as the only defender of Tigray. It creates a siege mentality among the population, reproducing the oppression they faced under Amhara feudal rulers.

Opposition actors also play a role in exacerbating the problem by carelessly allowing their dislike of TPLF to be perceived as anti-Tigrayan animus. This allows TPLF officials to use the Tigrayan people to insulate themselves against their adversaries in the ruling party and opposition. This is not new: ordinary Tigrayans sustained the TPLF throughout its insurgency.

The anti-Tigrayan sentiment is partly the product of TPLF’s disproportionate control of the economy, security apparatus, and central government. Tigrayan elites thus, to some extent, rely on ethnic solidarity to protect their economic privileges. Each time the anti-TPLF mood intensifies, it makes them more loyal to TPLF—even if they disagree with the party ideologically.

As anti-Tigrayan propaganda creates insecurity among Tigrayans, TPLF plays on it. It  tells Tigrayans that Abiy’s alliance with “chauvinist” Amhara is a repeat of the discrimination and humiliation Tigrayans faced under Amhara emperors and lords. This isolates Tigrayans from other Ethiopians, but it also allows TPLF to act as protector, once again.


One of TPLF’s persistence weaknesses is its inability to coexist with rivals: it must either subordinate them to its interests or remove them from the political scene. TPLF excluded opposing organizations and individuals who did not participate in the liberation struggle. For example, groups such as the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP) and the Ethiopian Socialist Movement known as MEISON were barred from the transitional government.

Even alliances were short-lived, except with junior partners. The Oromo Liberation Front, for example, was soon ousted from the transitional government because of its refusal to comply with TPLF demands. After Abiy cut it down to size last year, TPLF retreated to regional capital, Mekele, and acted defiantly; some would say sulkily.

Instead, TPLF should develop the ability to coexist with adversaries, embracing peaceful competition. One of the virtues of democracy is tolerance, the ability to live with rivals, even if in defeat. Tolerance helps build a democratic Ethiopia that will accommodate all of us. Cultivating this new political culture is difficult, but it is less costly than trying to vanquish real and perceived adversaries.


TPLF has long-presented its liberation struggle as a justification for power. This created an unhealthy sense of entitlement and encouraged repression to maintain this supposedly just arrangement. But now, it is evident to all that this mentality led to opposition that dethroned TPLF. It is time to change. The game is up.

On the other side of the coin, the common anti-Tigrayan rhetoric enhances Tigrayan insecurity and makes even Tigray’s progressives TPFL loyalists. Some of Abiy’s remarks—”daytime hyenas”, infamously—are often cited as evidence. Abiy also denied the importance of TPLF-led infrastructure growth, saying that the past 27 years have been dark years. This was counter-productive.

When in Tigray, it seemed to me that most Tigrayans perceived criticism of TPLF as a personal attack. These dynamics will further rock Ethiopia’s transition if not addressed. It is necessary to freeze anti-Tigrayan rhetoric and create a situation where six million Tigrayans feels safe being ruled by TPLF opponents.

As TPLF resist Abiy’s rule, he flexes his muscles against the party, upending its 30-year-old alliance. This enhances tensions between TPLF and the ruling parties of Oromia and, especially, Amhara. Trust and confidence evaporate further, with Abiy under increasing pressure.

The prime minister’s merger of the ruling coalition aims to consolidate his power while pushing rivals further from the centre, replacing them with less influential actors. This is just another zero-sum elite game—and not one which Ethiopians can afford to play.

Instead, the authorities and the opposition must develop a sustainable and constructive strategy that incentivise TPLF to cooperate, while they also urge Tigrayans to maintain solidarity with other Ethiopians so they can all collectively honor the objectives of their brave martyrs.

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Editor: William Davison

Main photo: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed with Tigray acting president Debretsion Gebremichael; Tigray; June 10, 2019; Prime Minister’s Office

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About the author

Mebratu Kelecha

Mebratu is a doctoral researcher at the Centre for the Study of Democracy at the University of Westminster in the UK. Follow him on Twitter @MebratuDugda


  • There were no Amhara feudal lords in Tigray. Learn the details of Ethiopia history good sir. During the Haile Sellassie era, Tigray was a semi-autonomous governed by it’s own king, Ras Mengesha Seyoum, a Ras married to the Emperor’s daughter. There was no national oppression or economic exploitation of Tigray by Amharas. Tigrigna was the language of the government and court system, and tigray business men worked everywhere in the country as they pleased. No one migrated to Tigray.

  • This is piece of professional, balanced analysis of circumstances and it outlined best solution for future Ethiopia. The big problem is TPLF, which is an absolute dynasty, so mutated via corruption, vile human right abuses, repression, and crime against humanity. How could these people trust those they have been killing, maiming, and casterating.
    The solution is with the true people of tigray. Honest Tigreans should rise against the brutes that are causes of animosity, hate, divisions, and robbery.
    To expect a change of behavior from TPLF mafias is like expecting a dove from an egg of snake.

  • From GETACHEW REDA (Ethio Semay)

    To Tekle;

    You are still in the admiration for the ultra nationalist hate group (TPLF) without showing us the evidence to support your claim? You want to discuss bring your evidence that TPLF went to Addis to save Ethiopia.

    It went to Addis to benefit Tigray and to do its ethnic cleansing of the Amhara society it viciously hates.

    Hold on your little smart argument for a moment and show us how it saved Ethiopia (waiting for you to show us). It went in to Addis Abeba not as you argued but to benefit you and your likes and with that to eliminate Amhara that it hates.

    Yes, the social construction of “Amara” as “enemy” by TPLF is undeniable fact. The repeated displacement and deportation of Amaras from southern Ethiopia since 1991 was not defined as “to save Ethiopia”. This diabolic act still continuing still did not come out of the blue. It is part of a cumulative process of demonization of the Amara ethnic group which has been going on for decades now.

    And in the last 28 years, the Amara people have been made the main targets of vilification, demonization, discrimination, etc by the TPLF government that has mobilized the whole media and state machinery at its disposal towards this goal of criminalizing the identity of Amaras as a people.

    The incessant propaganda the TPLF and its cohorts mounted has targeted the Amaras . This propaganda has succeeded in reducing the Amara people into a population that is fit for any act of dehumanization by groups such as your TPLF who continue to perpetrate atrocities with impunity against the Amaras they identified as their mortal enemies.

    During 28 years of TPLF’s rule, the Amaras have served as convenient punch-bags of every anti-Amara group that project its hatred on Amaras. All these happened with the direct encouragement and incitement of the TPLF. As the following quotations show, for the last 45 years, the TPLF has been working tirelessly to create an enemy image of the Amara ethnic group it loathes and abhors most. And for this, the founders of TPLF and the Tigrean elites bear responsibility.

    In an anthropological research conducted for his PhD thesis among Tigrayans, the Tigrean Alemseged Abbay, one of the research questions which he posed to those Tigrayans he interviewed was the following. Whom do Tigrayans perceive as their foremost historical enemies and he came with the following result that overwhelmingly showed that Amaras represented their historical enemies.

    “The historical enemies of Tigrayan informants (82,1%) start & end with Amhara (Shoa) & only 10.7% included Turkey & Italy in the list of their historical enemies”. See Alemseged Abbay’s book entitled: Identity Jilted or Re-imagining Identity?

    Let me present the other evidence by Asgede Gebresilassie one of the first 11 fighters who marched to the Dedebit base to start guerrilla base.


    ሕዝቡ ጸረ አማራነት ተቀርጾ አያውቅም፤ ሕዝብ አንድን ሕዝብ አይጠላም ብለው ለሚከራከሩ ሰዎች በኔ ሳይሆን ድርጅቱን ‘ሀ’ ተብሎ ሲጀመር ወደ ደደቢት ከወረዱት የመጀመሪያዎቹ 11 (12) ሰዎች አስገደ ገብረስላሴ (የታጋዮች የመጀመሪያ ወታደራዊ አሰልጣኝ የነበረ) እንዲህ ሲል ነግሮናል፡-

    <<የጠባብ ብሔረተኛነት በሽታ በመላዋ ትግራይ እንደ ተላላፊ በሽታ ተስፋፍቶ ወደ ሕዝቡ በመተላለፉ አብዛኛው የትግራይ ሕዝብ ፀረ አማራ ተንቀሳቀሰ።” (አስገደ ገብረስላሴ ጋህዲ 155 የትግርኛ ቅጂ 2001) (ትርጉም ጌታቸው ረዳ ይድረስ ለጎጠኛው መምህር ገጽ 17 ደራሲ ጌታቸው ረዳ) (156)

    Rough translation reads;

    "The epidemic of hatred spread throughout the entire Tigray villages as a contagious epidemic spread into the vast majority of Tigrayan, and most of the Tigray people viciously became to move with anti-Amhara sentiment." Gahdi Tigringa version authored by Asgede G/Selassie ጋህዲ Part 1 Page 155 2001(Eth-cal)

    Here is another Tigrayan testimony Mr. Abraha Desta (Mekele University lecturer- and leader of the Arena party)

    <> (ቃለ መጠይቅ አብርሃ ደስታ) (የትግራይ ብሔረተኞች መጽሐፍ ገጽ 393- ደራሲ ጌታቸው ረዳ) “We even learned it while we were in elementary school, that which suppose to be the “anti-Derg” struggle turned out to be anti Amhara struggle”’.

    Therefore, TPLF marched to Addis Abeba not to save Ethiopia, but to loot and to carry ethnic cleansing to its mortal enemy the Amhara people”. Let us here it if you have another argument.
    Getachew Reda (Ethio Semay)

  • Right on. TPLF is acing as spoiled brats time and again. Their arrogance and perceived sense of false superiority have no bounds. They are intoxicated with three decades of unfettered power monopoly, abuse and exploration of the rest. They forgot the goowill and genuine support of others like EPLF, OLF, Somalis, et al. who facilitated and midwived both their ascend to power in the beginning of 1991 and during struggle era. Those enablers did just that because they were hoping to change the archaicc and oppressive Ethiopian government system to the better: equality, respectful and democratic values. Alas! It never happened. After all of the his, they are now digging their heels in their little hinterland after losing the grip instead of comprising and working with others. Unless they change for the better and come their senses, they won’t be missed much. Let that sink in their undersiege, arrogant and intransigent mentality and sooner , and the better.

    • I’m not inclined to be familiar with the current internal political dynamics of Tigrai perse, but we need to bust couple of myths concocted and nurtured ad nauseam by the Woyane and its tigrain constituents over the last thirty years and they include that they were the only ones who fought for and liberated Ethiopia; that they were sacrificed for that change alone and no one else; that they weren’t perpetuated many high crimes, power abuse, corruption in Ethopia and the Horn region; that they were federalist and democratic ideal vanguard in Ethiopia ; that they ever interest in compromise and working with other nationalies as equals and respectfuls.
      All these these false claims and myths won’t stand against slightest test and facts on the ground over thirty years.

  • For the most part, this article perpetuates the tired and tiresome falsehood that TPLF used political and economic power to suppress others. It is also quite preposterous to assert that TPLF showed inability to coexist with rivals, when in fact it is the rivals that did not wish to coexist with TPLF. Creating EPRDF, a coalition of rivals, was the hallmark of TPLF and its core value of goodwill and coexistence with the others. The author was busy trying to find fault that he missed this clear and obvious fact. TPLF did not go to Addis to rule Ethiopia, TPLF went to Addis to save Ethiopia – and did that by creating the coalition. For 25 years or so, In spite of all the venom and antagonism, TPLF served the nation with dedication. For a better understanding of the current political tension, Addis Standard has a December 12 editorial “The morning after Oslo” with a candid commentary about political vendetta and a deliberate attempt by Abiy to sidestep TPLF.


    Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”. Instead of talking about the “CAUSE” of Tigray people struggle you are talking about me which has no merit with my argument (previous message).

    As everyone can see you don’t have the intellectual capacity to argue with reason and facts. Keep lying, it’s part of the “Ethiopiawnet” identity, lie is embedded inside ““Ethiopiawnet camp” soul, they don’t even know it. Instead of talking facts and reasons, you are more interested in trash talk. That is the difference between Tigraway identity and “Ethiopiawnet” identity. Tegaru we value reason, let me repeat that again, we value REASON. We need reason to weigh any argument, thus you have to bring rational argument to support your case. Look my previous message again and try to argue with idea and facts.



    Mr Kaleb;

    Nice try! Though, I am not interested to discuss with a person like you who defend his abusers to the end. But, makes me wonder how long Tigrayans who are victims of TPLF still defend TPLF. I just want to ask how comfortable do you feel defending these thugs, since after you became a victim of TPLF who confessed suffered so much in the hand of TPLF prisoners for supporting Siye Abraha?

    I am sure your cooperation in explain this syndrome of comfort will help psychiatrist students on their study class if you truly explained to us the comfort zone in your mind you felt and the trust and assurance you have on TPLF.

    As I told you before, no political discussion will cure a person suffering with a Stockholm syndrome. Treatment for Stockholm syndrome is not political discussion as you are trying here, but counseling by a psychiatrist. How long a person needs to be in counseling varies by case. Since a person may have experienced mental, emotional and physical abuse, it may take years of therapy for the victim to see improvement. And I wish you heal soon and confront your abusers than continue defending them.

    Politics is not for you my brother Kaleb as of now, since you are in a different syndrome, but just tell us how Tigrayans after they establish their country as you assure us they will go away from Ethiopia be comfortable lead by the “SS Boys” which you believe the SS Boys will bring Freedom and Democracy to Republic of Tigray?
    Good luck!
    Getachew Reda (Ethio Semay)


    You seem to have some kind of anger why “Tigrayans are still worshipping TPLF as their defender”, slow down, let Tegaru solve their own problem. You can’t teach Tigrayans about their freedom.
    Either you have misunderstanding of Tigray struggle or you are ignorant about the struggle. First try to understand the cause of the struggle, just understand the “CAUSE”. Ask this question, why has Tigray people paid that much price for its freedom? Was there a valid reason for it? This is the fundamental thing that you need to answer. After that it’s easy to understand the relationship between TPLF and Tigray people.

    Remember this:
    Tigray people are well-organized, resilient, principled and reasoned society. Tegaru value freedom more than anything else (food, money, democracy, you name it). During Menelik, Hailesilasie and Derg regime, Tegaru never had their freedom to use their language for education, justice system and aspire their culture. As you know Menelik, Hailesilasie and Derg had a project to create one nation, one culture called “Ethiopiawnet identity”. Tegaru didn’t want to assimilate to that fake identity (Ethiopiawnet), thus they fought to have their centuries old identity (Tigraway). Thus, TPLF was/is the result of that golden struggle.

    Ethiopiawnet shouldn’t be installed by force, it should be by choice. It’s ok to have shared country called Ethiopia but we can have our own chosen identity. You can have “Ethiopiawnet” as your identity but you can’t force me to have “Ethiopiawnet” as my identity. Every individual or group have their right to choose what identity to have. Try to understand the fundamental aspiration of Tigray struggle.



    I appreciated the writer Mr. Mebrahtu for his view “Teflon TPLF”. Though, I do not know in which definition the writer want to use the word ‘Teflon’ since it has several definitions- I like to comment some of the views present here.

    At the start of the article, it reads the following.

    “Ethiopia’s post-1991 political order was primarily the construction of an alliance of four ethnic parties…”
    I might understand the author’s intention to open his view in such simple start, nevertheless, Ethiopia’s post-1991 political order was not primarily the construction of an alliance of four ethnic parties, but the reconstruction of the Italian Fascist ideology. The system created in Ethiopia during the mentioned years (1991-2019) is fascist and not something else.

    The author also stated reason to why Tigrayans sided with TPLF. His reasoning explains;

    “TPLF maintains the loyalty of most Tigrayans. The reason is that trust between key political actors has evaporated, with Abiy at the centre of the unfolding drama. Many Tigrayans side with TPLF elites rather than a new leader in Addis Ababa who is associated with anti-Tigrayan sentiment.”

    You see, the problem with some “neutral”Tigrayan elites what they lack is to examine the teaching of TPLF and its ideology implanted in the mind of Tigrayan society. Regardless, the same Fascit group ( lead by Abiy Ahmmed) replaced TPLF or any other element, to the Tigrayans who are nourished by TPLF fascist ideology for 45 years is not because they were looking for justice, democracy, but their TPLF is an ethno-nationalist organization which thrives on Tigrean ultra-nationalism that views Tigreans as innately superior ethnic group of Ethiopia.

    Here let me quote my patriot friend Dr. Assefa Negash medical doctor by profession who specialized in the field of psychiatry;


    “TPLF promotes the idea of a superior Tigrean blood, Tigrean culture, the notion of a golden Tigrean people, etc and on the basis of this it has created an apartheid political and economic system that has privileged Tigreans above anyone else during the last 28 years.

    His above argument solidify it saying;

    “ In fact, some of our intellectuals were debating about the “developmental state” that TPLF created in Ethiopia. Developmental states, as we have known them in Asia, did not single out a particular ethnic group as being superior and privilege this ethnic group to the exclusion of other ethnic groups in their respective countries.
    The development was geared towards an inclusive national project that benefited all social sectors of these Asian countries. That is what we witnessed in the developmental states of Asia. Ours is a different story, a story of TPLF creating a fascist and apartheid system that ranked Tigreans as the golden ethnic group of Ethiopia and allocated disproportionate resources for the benefit and development of Tigrai – the citadel of the golden people of Tigrai. The fascist/apartheid system not only systematically favoured the Tigrai region but empowered Tigreans to control 70% of the business sector in Ethiopia. In the following presentation, I argue why I call the TPLF regime a fascist by defining what fascism is, enumerating its defining characteristics, citing examples that corroborate the psychological changes brought about in the people of Tigrai and fascist values that made their debut following conspicuous value reversals that have transpired or occurred among Tigreans.

    The pervasive hold of fascist ideology and how it is shaping the minds of even Tigrean kids who were born and grew up in USA, I would cite the following piece from a speech by a Tigrean girl named Betty Gebrai who recently made the following speech at a fund-raising campaign for Tigreans inside Ethiopia.


    “As I researched more about the existing political battle, I could not help but to be inspired by the ever expressive and incredibly rich culture of Tigrai. I became even more fascinated by my unique heritage and I began to research more and more about this golden blood line we carry. Simultaneously my people both strong-willed and diligent have overturned corrupt government in war and peacefully lead Ethiopia with the oversight of the late, the great Meles Zenawi. (hand clapping by the public). It is to be set as fact that we Tigreans are mighty tribe; brilliant, brave, kind and caring. It is no wonder we are so revered. We make up a mere 5 million of the 105 million citizens in Ethiopia. Yet it is our blueprint that continues to strengthen Ethiopia’s economic and social infrastructure.” – End quote.

    So, the mighty Tigreans at the expense of the weaker non-Tigreans is now start to see challengers from different ethnic groups who were violently abused for the last 28 years by the Tigrayan government. Therefore, Tigrayns have chose a dangerous option to follow their Fascist leaders .

    But, as Dr Assefa argued many times to Tigrayans and other ethno-nationalists. the dangerous signs and symptoms that point to the continuation of this system of apartheid created by TPLF by the new power-holders i.e. Oromo ethno-nationalists whose turn it has become to ride roughshod over weak-kneed Ethiopia since a few months is also as dangerous as TPLF.

    So therefore, the author’s three reasons;-

    (1)…that trust between key political actors has evaporated, with Abiy at the centre of the unfolding drama.

    (2) -“TPLF has succeeded in maintaining its positions as the only defender of Tigray. It creates a siege mentality among the population, reproducing the oppression they faced under Amhara feudal rulers.

    (3) – Opposition actors also play a role in exacerbating the problem by carelessly allowing their dislike of TPLF to be perceived as anti-Tigrayan animus.”

    Those arguments lack the deep reason why Tigrayans are still worshipping TPLF as their defender. This is because, in Tigray individual superego (individual rational thinking) is degraded and transferred into a crowd thinking= and in return the leader of the crowd is the one makes all the thinking for the crowd . That is the reason.

    By the way, can the author explain to me what he meant by Amhara feudal rulers mean?

    Getachew Reda Ethiopian Semay)

  • With all do respect sir, your article is one sided. The side that is now trying to lead and that was of opposition yesterday.

    If you think giving TPLF incentives is going to get Tigrian to give their hard earn freedom. You are dreaming!

    You are right that TPLF did not do much for Tigray but they worked their life for the stupid called Ethiopia. They were centralists as well.

    I do not believe TPLF of dominant or above the other four party. I believe where to TPLF was working hard, the others were there with them just as silent opposition. In retrospect, they were being destroyed by the other parties and destroying their name and values.

    TPLF was the most disciplined party but it the central government that destroyed them. They held may be slightly higher numbers at the beginning but the mistress was still there.

    The biggest failure of TPLF was to combine with these power hunger parties. TPLF failure was to protect the unprotect-able Ethiopia. How many people did we loss while everyone was rejoicing when the body of Tigray soldier was being dragged in Somali.

    So TPLF as a group can join your stupid PP but do not underestimate the Tigray people.

    Couple months since the arrival of TPLF to Addis Ababa, they have been accused of stealing factories and shipping them to Tigray. They have been hated and never given a chance only because they are Tigrian.

    Now: Tigrian have been accused stealing, we need an investigation to clear our name. Who stolen the wealth of Ethiopia? Only TPLF and Tigrinya speakers? Truth must prevail in order for Tigray people to consider living with you!

    TPLF party and even its people has been intentionally blackmail and exaggerate character assassination so that we can be ruled by Oromara for years again. Tigray sacrifice its children and earth to be freedom. We will not be going back. It is not a mission accomplished by destroying schools, burning factories, churches or selling your country to foreign agents so that you can sit on Minilik palace.

    When you write about what Tigrian think speak to different point of view of Tigrian and speak the assessment.

    Do not tell us what to do or suggest to bribe us to fall under your shoes. We should speak truth to each other in order for Ethiopia to survive. We are not going back to war again! We will leave that to your Oroamara!

    What you really should write about is that how different everyone wants to rule Ethiopia. For now, Oromo (kush group that you recently claiming), Amara, Tigray and others with time I am sure. No one has common plan. So first encourage the parties and people in general to discuss about it and agree. Tigray has bleed for many, many years because everything kept changing with groups power so we do not want to join anyone until there is clarity.

    You can bargain TPLF but never Tigray people again. It will be TPLFs last chance if they did. It cost Tigray heavily because TPLF misstep their goal and the goal and interest of the Tigray people.

    The other point is that I wonder why u guys did not join with Meles Zenawi. There was no political group he did not beg and ask. No that u think you hold the table so you want to bargain.

    We need to be honest to ourselves in order to solve the problems. If we cannot leave together, let’s just part because there is no need to repeat the cycle.

    Note that I am as angry to what TPLF did to Tigray to please other Ethiopian also it did not work accordingly. Most of the hate toward them as supposed other parties is because their Tigrian as well as they wanted to be forced to become minority and be ruled by Oroamara.

    • Helen,
      I agree with you, the OroMara alliance is simply the tyranny of the majority. I was reading the Prosperity Party (PP) rules, one of the rule is “political influence inside the party will be based on population size”, which means since Tigray population size is about 6% thus TPLF or any party from Tigray will have utmost 6% political influence inside PP. If we look the Ethiopian history the contribution of Tigray and its people in Ethiopia is way more than 6%. Throughout history Tegaru has paid the highest price to keep this country from disintegration and external forces, but populist Abiy and ADP are trying to play population size as way of controlling their power.
      The parliament representation is based on population size which is perfectly democratic, however to make political party influence based on population size is undemocratic, it should be “merit-based”.

      I think one of the things the author and other writers make mistake is the understanding of TPLF power, the reason why TPLF looks powerful isn’t because of few individuals inside party or military power, rather is it because of the people and the history of its struggle. Tigray people overwhelmingly support what TPLF stands for, even though there are few corrupt individuals but TPLF as a political force is considered successful, TPLF has raised the decline of Tigray into a well-formed political power in the region.


  • Dear Mebratu,
    You swallowed whole lies perpetrated by Tplf and its acolytes.
    First, your statement that “TPLF maintains the loyalty of most Tigrayans” is out of touch and propagandist. Second, Tplf as an organization has committed heinous crimes (as in the border war that decimated over 80,000, hundreds of tortures and deaths it ordered while in power) and engaged in massive corruption and money laundering (per Global Financial Integrity, Amnesty, etc). The purpose of bringing up the idea forming a break-away republic and targeting Abiy as Enemy #1 (in place of Eritrea) is simply to escape the demands of justice. Third, to say “it is time for BOTH the TPLF and its opponents to change their counter-productive ways” may sound a peaceable way to resolving issues but is only fair to Tplf and not to those who suffered under its tyrannical rule. Remember this; Tplf it was who devised “ethnic federalism” to remain in power.

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