Abiy Ahmed—a Philosopher King or a Sophist?

There are several lines of evidence from his speeches and books to suggest that Abiy has deliberately crafted a deceptive ethos as a persuasive tool

Ethiopia is undergoing a very frightening political transition. The country is highly polarized. To add to this anxiety, a very unconventional young leader, Abiy Ahmed, is aggressively and radically trying to shape the future of this multinational country in his and only his way. To push his vision for Ethiopia, he wrote a book he called Medemer. He presents medemer as a philosophical panacea that stands to challenge Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Mao Zedong’s as well as Western Liberal political thoughts. He asserts there are no challenges that the power of Medemer cannot triumph over. 

“The critical lesson I learned from the knowledge and skills I had acquired from school and life experience is that there is no life challenges that the philosophy of medemer does not solve, a barrier that it does not overcome, and a hilly terrain that it does not terrace (Medemer, Preface III)

ከትምህርት ቤትና ከሕይወት ውጣ ውረድ ያገኘኋቸው ዕውቀቶችና ክሂለቶች ጭምር ያስተማሩኝ ቁም ነገር የመደመር ሃይልና ጉልበት የማይፈታው የኑሮ ችግር የማያሻግረው የፈተና ድልድይ፣ የማያደላድለው የመከራ አቀበት አለመኖሩን ነው።መቅድም III

While delivering his Nobel Peace Prize lecture, Abiy defined medemer as “…synergy, convergence, and teamwork for a common destiny”. This idea is not novel, of course, and it is, in fact, a familiar political catchphrase. President Donald J Trump, for instance, has used it in his State of the Union address and earned him that famous sarcastic handclap from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

How did Abiy then manage to persuade millions that his vision is something to be taken seriously, let alone considered as the panacea for all the ills of Ethiopia?

After listening to several of Abiy’s speeches in the last two years and obtaining further insights from his books (Medemer and Erkab Ena Menber), one can conclude that:

  1. Abiy Ahmed represents a modern-day sophist, not the philosopher-king that he wants us to believe.
  2. Medemer is nothing more than sophistry; a hodgepodge of ideas constructed with rhetorical fallacies and delivered with pseudo-intellectual evangelical self-help fervor.

Sophists were “wise men” in the 5th Century Athens who claimed to be bearers of excellence and virtue and contended that they could find the answers to any questions. However, Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates were appalled that the sophists were using rhetorical fallacies to manipulate the public by tapping into emotions. They were accused of having no concerns about the truth, justice, and morality; instead, they were seen as greedy and power mongers who used language and rhetoric for deception.

The dictionary defines sophistry as “a subtle, tricky, superficially plausible, but generally fallacious method of reasoning.”

In my view, no single word describes Abiy better than a modern-day sophist, and his rhetoric as sophistry. Abiy emerged to the political scene wearing the mask of a peace-maker, honest, intellectual, and transformative figure—this represented the ethos of his political imagery. The deceptive ethos he built around himself with his elaborate rhetorical flourish and short-lived aggressive reforms, including his swift adaptation of economic policies of neoliberal privatization, were powerful enough to get him global accolades. He became the rock-star every leader wants to hang out with!

There are several lines of evidence from his speeches and books to suggest that Abiy had deliberated crafted a deceptive ethos as a persuasive tool. He has made repeated references to the importance of appearance or perception as an instrument of persuasion.  For instance, he discussed the impact of renovating the palace and his office to persuade donors to provide loans in the amount more than he bargained for. Whether this was, in fact, the case or not is debatable, but it shows his deep conviction about the role of ethos as a persuasion tool. Providing another example, he said a well-dressed beggar can easily convince people to give him/her more money than one wearing ragged clothing.

In the book Abiy wrote in 2017 using a pen-name DRAZ (“Erkab Ena Menber” (እርካብ ና መንበር)), he discusses the importance of a leader possessing an alternate persona. According to him, the observable or visible persona of an angel is to be worn to win the support of the people and consolidate power in good times (when there are no signs of revolt or betrayal/treasons). One can conclude that Abiy is not just writing or talking about it, but practicing the art of persuasion by constructing a deceptive ethos.

He further bolstered his positive self-representation (ethos) with his stealthy appeal to people’s emotions (pathos). Abiy appealed to Ethiopians’ desperation for coming together as equal citizens and pull themselves out of a vicious cycle of poverty. Ethiopians were particularly vulnerable to Abiy’s emotional appeal. A deeply traditional society, 98 percent of whom consider religion to be very important in their lives, Ethiopians were easily swept off their feet by Abiy’s deceptive persona (ethos) and emotional appeal (pathos). Abiy’s success was not only that his message tapped broadly into religious sensitivities of the Ethiopian people but also exploited their “existential insecurity’ emanating from rampant poverty, polarization, conflict, and social inequality. There is a direct correlation between religiosity and a sense of existential insecurity. This correlation was a double win for Abiy! Although his messages are often broadly religiously-tinged for a broader appeal, he undoubtedly derives his inspirations from evangelical prosperity gospel culture.

Abiy has also tailored his appealing messages to the diverse and polarized ethnonational groups. Many academics who read both the Amharic and Afaan Oromo versions of Medemer testify that Abiy even tailored the content or message of the book to the respective linguistic audience.  Besides, in several of his speeches, he appealed to the Oromo audience by invoking their longing to overcome marginalization. He has even gone as far as promising to bring Oromo virtues, inspired by the Gadaa system, to the center of Ethiopia’s social and political life and even beyond. This rather unscrupulous rhetorical appeal to pathos has backfired and triggered fear and suspicion towards the Oromo, described as “Oromophobia” by Oromo activists and intellectuals.

Amhara nationalism, meanwhile, was radicalized in response to a perceived siege by the historically aggrieved Oromos. This was vividly articulated by the late Brigadier Genernal Asaminew Tsige, the late Security Chief of the Amhara Region, who proclaimed that Amhara are facing a threat worse than the one they had faced 500 years ago—a clear allusion to the war between the Abyssinian kingdom with Oromos and Muslim Sultanate. Asaminew aggressively recruited and trained thousands of paramilitary forces with an explicit objective to ‘defend’ Amhara from what he described as a modern-day threat. Similarly, fueled by Abiy’s duplicitous rhetoric, groups, as exemplified by the Baldaras Council, have sprung up harboring open hostility towards Oromo and with the explicit objective of countering perceived Oromo influence.

While addressing the Amhara community (and Orthodox Christians), Abiy employs a stealth appeal to restore their historical place in Ethiopia. This has angered many non-Amhara and Muslims as it signals the return of the pre-1991 policy of homogenization of Ethiopia under Amhara and Ethiopian Orthodox Church dominance. Abiy expresses the view that grievances against Ethiopia’s emperors and former state religion, which controlled nearly a third of the land during the Imperial era, are exaggerated sentiments or false narratives—an appealing message for Amhara nationalists. Abiy’s decision to erect a life-size wax replica of Emperor Haile Selassie and Menelik II in the palace was considered an affront to Oromos’ collective memory of victimization (and many other non-Amhara Ethiopians for that matter) during the reign of these emperors. This undoubtedly energized the acrimonious debates between Oromo and Amhara communities during this turbulent transition.

Thus, Abiy’s approach of tailoring his appeal to different ethnonational groups, often by tapping into highly sensitive collective memories, is the single most dangerous factor contributing to the polarization of Ethiopians since he took office. The consequence of this reckless manipulation of collective memories is strongly evident in the current combustible tension and rivalry between the Oromo and Amhara communities, which is by far the primary force that has stalled Ethiopia’s political transition.

What is even more alarming is the reason for the increased polarization is often not fully diagnosed: it is largely attributed as resulting from a more open political space. This is not only a very simplistic analysis but recklessly correlates (multinational) democracy with ethnonational conflicts. This incomplete diagnosis, predicated on the prevailing notion that turbulence is germane to a democratic political transition, encourages authoritarianism and the closure of democratic space as well as takes the blame away from Abiy’s glaring mismanagement of diversity.

Unearthing contradictory and combustible historical memories of ethnonational groups represents a mismanaged political transition that lacks a roadmap. Abiy openly rebuffed the idea of a transitional roadmap: he proclaimed that he is the transition or the bridge that people should just rest their trust on, suggesting a premeditated plan for radical changes driven by one man. Reactivating conflicting historical memories for manipulation of ethnonational groups is perhaps the most reckless strategy that threatens not only the democratic transition but also the survival of Ethiopia as a country.

With a mostly successful deployment of deceptive ethos and manipulative and tailored pathos, Abiy blinded the majority of his audience from fact-checking and critically examining his logos: the construction of his logical argument and, thus, the substance of the message itself. Ethos, Pathos, and Logos are the three pillars of persuasion outlined by Aristotle that can be used for manipulation by sophists. Abiy has succeeded in the use of these models of persuasion as a sort of ‘soft power’, at least until he could fully consolidate ‘hard power’ (means of coercion).  Most likely influenced by Joseph S. Nye,  Abiy maybe deliberate in the use of “soft power” (rhetorical persuasion in his case), as he himself once said “[t]he effectiveness of any power sources depends primarily on a context, and we know that our current context requires soft power and not the hard power …. Soft power empowers people.” His statement implies that Abiy sees soft-power only as a means of self-empowerment (not altruism or virtue) to be used when the context permits.

The Oromo people have been the prime victims so far because Abiy’s ultimate vision, as he gradually unveiled it, can only be accomplished by undoing what Oromos rightly consider are incremental gains registered in the last 50 years. It is to be noted that it was primarily the organizational efficiency and non-violent struggle of the Oromo youth (qeerroo and qarree) that catapulted Abiy into the palace. Thus, until he consolidated his power, he not only tailored his deceptive messages to the Oromo audience but also exploited the ‘kinship’ or ethnic trust and appeal of the wider Oromo populace.

Now that he has consolidated power, it appears that Abiy no longer sees the need to wear the mask of a peace-maker and transformative figure. Perhaps, the growing discontent is compelling him to follow his principle that a leader should activate the concealed persona when faced with signs of revolt and betrayal/treason (የአመጽና የመክዳት ምልክት). Currently, he has put Western and Southern parts of the county under military “command post” – administration by the federal military force without parliamentary approval nor oversight.

Political space has been closed-off, supporters and members of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) are taken to military concentration camp and prisons, and a third of Oromia Regional State is cut-off from internet and phone communications that continues in the face of coronavirus pandemic. Ethiopian authorities failed to heed the advice of Human Rights Watch to lift the blanket shutdown of communications since it is preventing information reaching millions about the coronavirus pandemic and affecting the provision of essential health services.

All these developments have damaged Abiy’s ethos as a peace-maker and a transformational leader, although the pandemic is giving him the chance to build on his position as Nobel laureate and act the Africa statesman. But domestically Abiy no longer can mount a persuasive emotional appeal since many Ethiopians, especially the Oromo and southern Ethiopians, who have suffered the most under heavy-handed military rule, now believe he breached his promise of democratization and equality of citizens. With the loss of his most powerful tools of persuasion—his positive ethos and pathos—one does not have to be a student of critical thinking to realize that his elaborate rhetoric and linguistic skills (especially in Amharic) have been manipulative tools to buttress his sophistry; constructed with logical fallacies, that often employ utterly incoherent and inaccurate analogy with nature/biology in a faulty syllogism:

Abiy is now left with a resentful attitude towards critics of his leadership and medemer, notably intellectuals, since they are depriving him of the ‘context’ to deploy the ‘soft power’ of persuasion. His anti-intellectual attitude was abundantly manifested at a fundraising event for the ruling Prosperity Party, where Abiy delivered a speech questioning the value of advanced degrees, specifically in Political Science and Economics. He reasoned that almost all political scientists do not administer even a small village (kebele), and most economists do not own cars or houses.

To further discredit scholars, he alleged that political scientists get their Ph.D. by merely writing about the works of poorly read Prime Ministers like himself, and economists obtain their Ph.D. writing about wealthy people like those members of the business community in attendance of the fundraiser. He told these Ethiopian business people they are the real partners of his Prosperity Party and not the professors or doctors of economics whom he dismissed their contribution to get Ethiopia out of poverty. He may have subsequently apologised, such was the outcry, but his attitude is clear.

Besides this being blatant anti-intellectualism, one should also wonder if the wisdom Abiy needs to deliver prosperity is beyond the reach of economics. I will risk digressing a little bit and provide a plausible explanation for the origin of Abiy’s economic vision. Reiterating what he had said in the past, Abiy spoke about the importance of naming institutions using the positive outcomes one seeks to achieve rather than the negative states one wants to overcome. It was in this spirit that he chose “prosperity” rather than “overcoming poverty” as the overarching goal of the Prosperity Party. Abiy’s senior advisor, Lencho Bati, also made a similar remark while explaining Abiy’s medemer and approach to economic prosperity at a panel organized by the United States Institute of Peace.

On the surface, this appears a matter of word choice, but the idea is the foundational tenet of prosperity gospel theology (‘name it and claim it’ theology) that purports that the problem of poverty, ill-health, and illiteracy can be overcome by harnessing the power of man to create his own reality through the power of positive affirmation (confession) or by imploring God to shower us with the blessings. The religious overtone in Abiy’s policy may have passed below the radar for now, but he risks fracturing the country further and eroding the boundary between religion and the state. Abiy’s anti-intellectual rhetoric is concerning, but the reason he singled out and discredited political scientists and economists is likely because these scholars most authoritatively challenge his faith-tinged unconventional political and economic vision.

Abiy is now facing growing criticism that is beyond his rhetorical ability to suppress. ‘Hard power’ is the primary tool of ‘persuasion’ he has in his armament, which he is already deploying to quell his political opponents. With his increasing anti-intellectual rhetoric, Ethiopians have every reason to be alarmed that Abiy may flex his ‘hard power’ to intimidate and persecute Ethiopia’s intelligentsia. Does this ring a bell?

Abiy is not the philosopher-king; he is an authoritarian who is failing to govern by sophistry.

Ethiopia is indeed at a time of frightening political transition.

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This is the author’s viewpoint. However, Ethiopia Insight will correct clear factual errors.

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About the author

Getu Teressa

Getu is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine. He is a practicing academic physician based in New York, U.S.A.


  • The Darwinawiw
    1.20.22 3:51pm
    A very good descriptive article about the terrorist guy who tries to BS his way out of every tight corner his incompetent leadership gets him into. Him and his cabinet cannot lead the country well, so therefore there is war and chaos erupting at every corner … Now mid-January 2022, what changes have occurred since April of last year about his power base, mass support, and political stance? What has gotten better and worse about his governance?
    Has he come out as a real fascist dictator yet, after freaking the people out with fear due to the constant instability and havoc … that he makes his terrorist buddies sponsor behind the curtains, while preaching the empty rhetoric of ‘show affection to one another’ … without properly identifying and addressing the root socio-economic and political causes?
    The Shabiya Woyane army he helped raise, by: looking the other way and arming funding them … couldn’t make it back to Addis in time for him, so now he has to rely on raising his own army, to rule by brute force!?! … per DC-Slavery prescription! … he has already vowed to crush the Oromo rebellion in ‘Mehal Ager’ as his next move!
    … but a question that remains to be answered, how does he manage to play with so many famous and power ful people in Ethiopia? … he makes his agents spread the rumor, ‘no, it’s not him, it’s other people that do bad things’ … No, I think, that’s his security training stuff deceiving the public!?! … and also because of his Woyane/Shabiya advisors? … may be even Biden’s and his terrorist thugs hand is more involved than previously thought? What to do?
    The next phase of his mission, which is to establish a fascist dictatorship to maintain the status quo of exploiting our masses by a few rich investor folks that send the loot abroad, bringing immense prosperity to Western financial institutions, couldn’t be carried forth in any other way – but by using brute oppressive force. … so he’s probably started to set aside the nice ‘fire side chat’ by now, and is getting ready to powns upon the big loot; ‘Mehal Ager’ using deception backed by brute force!
    … is it long live DC-Slavery system of the unipolar world … which has made him rich, while making the other 120 million of Ethiopians poorer? … where by the same system in every country is being set up, exploiting and squeezing to death the working class, using their own such ignorant and greedy elites that the industrial western capitalist powers install, appraise, train, support in various ways, order, etc.? … and through them conducting their exploitation indirectly.
    Col. Akmed simply needs the banana crumbs they throw at him and the useless praises they shower him with, as he’s a dishonorable CIA/Mossad running dog who could care less about the ever worsening poverty and sufferings of the people.
    The expatriates need to realize that the problem with brainless Col. Akmed, an Oromo sell out who allows the subjugation of his country, goes deeper than what appears to be on the surface … as it emanates from the ‘Wonbede’ EPLF/TPLF cliques who’re the running dogs of CIA and Mossad.
    Writing such an article … taking so much risk, shows that we care and are resentful for the long time wasted so far and that we haven’t forgotten about the poor peasants that have educated us with the meager monoculture coffee economy … who’re still living in the dark, in cold huts with animals and no basic utilities, without enough food, any education nor transportation … waiting for us to come back and get them out of their abject poverty.
    Can we say that the juicy hamburger abroad nor the retarded Wonbede jokes that brush aside important issues … cannot make us forget about them and their sufferings and makes us move resentful of the status quo?! … and the same way, the EPLF/TPLF terrorists, CIA and Mossad work diligently for their own interests, in clever ways, so should we!?! … not forgetting about our own interests!?!
    In short it’s a continuation of their efforts to recreate a class divided society that used to exist back in the fake Jewish king era – Haile Selassie, of a 1% few rich folks, i.e., the ruling feudo bourgeois class/the exploiting class and its infantile bureaucratic capitalist system using EDOS – Deception, Oppression and Stupefication of the masses in order to Exploit them. … a slavery system that the Derg had abolished by removing the ruling class, and giving the means of production and lands to the workers and tillers. Now, the terrorist regime that has been ruling our country in the past 30 years, has been trying to recreate that class-divided criminal exploitative system, covering it up with ‘US democracy’, and freedom, etc. A few investors scrambling all the means of production, objects and instruments of labour … dispossessing the masses, calling it privatization – which is the opposite of nationalization, where by the masses own these national assets.
    Denouncing this reactionary, i.e., anti-revolutionary move, is a laudable action.

    Thank you doctor.

    What a real thought provoking article.

  • A very well descriptive article of the terrorist guy who tries to BS his way out of every tight corner his incompetent leadership gets him into. Him and his cabinet cannot lead the country well so therefore there is war and chaos erupting at every corner …
    Now mid-January 2022, what changes have occurred since April of last year about his power base, mass support, and political stance? What has gotten better and worse about his governance? Has he come out as a real fascist dictator after freaking the people out with fear due to the constant instability and havoc … that he makes his terrorist buddies sponsor behind the curtains? The Shabiya/Woyane army he helped raise couldn’t make it back to Addis on time for him, so now he has to rely on raising his own army to rule by brute force!?! … has already vowed to crush the Oromo rebellion in ‘Mehal Ager’! … but a question that needs to be answered, how does he manage to play with so many famous and power ful people in Ethiopia … because of his Woyane/Shabiya advisors? … may be even Biden’s hand is involved? What to do?
    His mission to establish fascist dictatorship to maintain the status quo of exploiting the masses by a few rich investor folks, couldn’t be carried out any other way – but by brute oppressive force. … so he’s probably setting aside the nice fire side chat by now and getting ready to powns upon where the big loots could come from; ‘Mehal Ager’! Discuss.

  • Ethiopia has a better history than the United States. It should not mirror what the west has developed. Ethiopia has a history of bringing various ethnic groups together. It has its own history. Its own way of dealing with matters which has not been mastered by the west.

    The only thing needed is the ability to be an economic powerhouse. It should not do that at the expense of foreigners influencing the country into civil war by proxies. Colonialism is still in existence and real. It has different faces that speak of democracy and bring in business to start it’s influence. But that comes with assimilation of their ideas and cultural issues. China, the west, Saudi Arabia and UAE are snakes. I believe Ethiopia is better than all of them and needs to rise to be a beacon of light for all to follow.

    If Ethiopia needs examples look at Iraq and Yemen. Ethiopia needs to understand everyone gets a voice. But it should tread carefully for it should not be at the expense of a culture that has been around for thousands of years.

  • An article that correctly depicts the man behind the curtain. Abiy, was not democratically elected to his position, has failed to navigate domestic turmoil & has shown to wield a heavy hand on the common people when it suits him to do so.

    These are not the signs of a leader who believes in ideals such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    We’ve seen him stand shoulder to shoulder with Isayas and declare they are united & Ethiopians celebrated this.


    We’re he to lose, it has become evident Abiy will oppose any peaceful transition of power.

    Abiy has determined his best case of maintaining power is to appear strong to those who oppose him and gentle to those who agree. Intending to be the savior of Ethiopia during a time of great crisis and the only person who can lead it through such a delicate period.

    His anti-intellectual stance is deceptively dangerous, an onerous attempt to split the nations educated and uneducated even further apart. Contradictories prop up almost every time he speaks, how does one complain of economic duty of the diaspora and the detrimental affects of brain-drain on the nation then dismiss those very same educated people as nothing more than scribes who only write about the success of others?

    The tool is class-warfare, by pitting Ethiopians against each other he hopes to avoid criticism of his policy failings, of which there are many.

    I believe there is a future for a truly Democratic Ethiopia whose government is comprised of the governed, that belief is not a guarantee. Democracy is the key to a better Ethiopia, we must not let the few close the door on a free Ethiopia.

  • Excellent analysis of the person at the helm. But more significantly for scratching some of the underlining factors at play in the country.

  • I concur with Getu Teressa on several issues but I also detect some hatred in Getu for Abiyi Ahmed. No leader is hundred percent perfect but Abiyi did a lot of good which should not be ignored. There is Somali proverb which says ” Kill the infidel and do justice for him”. Ethiopia needs transformations which will take almost a century. Getu you want transformation within short period of time which is never possible. Abiyi is two years old now and the time evaluate him has not come yet

  • Is it wise of you,with your medical background,to write such inflammatory writing,at this point of time when what the country really needs is your input in how to defeat the scourge of this indomitable foe,corona-virus ? I agree with some of the points you raised,but mostly I take your allegations as false and lies. I consider your writing to be bombastic with the intention to impress scholars and intellectuals, yet not that much will to impart your ideas to the common people who are in majority in the country.Dr Abiy is not perfect;at times he makes mistakes as we all humans do,nonetheless he is trying his best to be a fair leader to all.To my view no other human being on earth could hold this turbulent country together as he does.

  • No one is perfect but we all have some sort of blind spot.
    Sometime the unintended stand-point comes on spotlight untimely.
    That happens all the time to all of us depending your geo positioning, interference of your energy and motive at the time of incapsulating the argument for consumption respectively.

    I loved some of the comments and how they laid their persuasive arguments/ ideas with out calling name.
    I am proud today because of it.

    We can be gentle to one another if we care to our well being.

  • First- thanks for the website for enabling comments.

    Second – the article’s main purpose is to show how Abiy lacks a clear roadmap. But we cannot even get a clear idea of what the writer is articulating.

    Yes Abiy May have weaknesses but how else did you want a leader to act. Did you want him to be a full on dictator?
    Just write down the traits you expect of him instead.

  • What a nuisance and full of blames without any alternative from the so called professor who is full of hatred and attention seeker. You have earned a lot from Egyptians who want and also dream the dissolution of Ethiopia. You have tried to creat deep divisions between Amhara and Oromo people. You have desperately worried to select words that help you to exaggerate your message which is a futile exercise and to show off yourself. I want to know about how you have been upbrought and by whom. You are exactly a good example of pessimist and negative energy.

  • COVID-19 አለምን ክፉኛ በወረረበት በዚህ አስተጋሪ ሁኔታ ከጌቱ ተረሣ የዘቀጠና የተዘበራረቀ የመንደር ወሬ አስተያየት እጅግ የወረደና የተዋረደ እንዲሁም ከClinical Medicine ባለሙያ የማይጠበቅ ነው።
    ይህ የClinical Medicine ባለሙያ ጊዜዉን፣ ዕዉቀቱንና ጉልበቱን በማቀናጀት ከሌሎች ጋር በመሆን ለCOVID-19 የመፍትሔ ሐሳብ ማፍለቅ ሲገባዉ ጊዜዉን በከንቱ ያለሙያው ማባከኑ ያሳዝናል። ለማንኛውም ሙያውን ከጅምሩ እስከ ፍጻሜው ጠልቆ የተረዳ ባለሙያ professional ethicsን በመጣስ ድንበር ዘሎ አይዘባርቅም።
    Ego =1/Knowledge
    Albert Einstein

  • Ethiopia has a parliament. The elected representatives represent the people in the Parliament. The Prim Minster Abey Ahmed Ali is elected by the Parliament. If all the facts stated above are true, Prim Minster Abey Ahmed Ali is not a dictator. I personally accept different political views as long as they bring peace & property to Ethiopia & Ethiopians. However I detaste malicious critiques against government leaders for personal, political & economical gains. I wish our scholars do away with Europeans political jargons and use simple local language that can be easily understood by the lay man.

    • The majority of the literate Ethiopians have used & abused the majority of the farmers & in general the working class Ethiopians for our own hidden agenda which was & is only to come to power. The 1960 cudeta which General Mengistu Neway & Germami Neway tried to overthrow His Imperial Majesty Haileselassie’s government to bring justice & better life to all Ethiopians. The military junta managed to overthrow His Majesty Hailesselasie’s government & ruled the country with iron fest for 18 years. Again the military junta did not keep its promise to bring about a civilian rule. In 1983 the Tigre popular Liberation Front took Power in 1983 with a promise to bring democratic government. The
      TPLF governed Ethiopia for almost 27 years under one party. The last two years Priminster Abey Ahmed Ali has taken power two years ago. His government brought about the freedom of speech, established some of the democratic institutions & is determined to have a free & fare election within one year. Priminster Abey Ahmed Ali has done is trying to bring about a true democracy in Ethiopia within the last two years only. Dr. Getu Teressa, if you were in the position of Primister Abey Ahmed Ali what other miracle would you have done in two years. You know Priminster Abey Ahmed Ali has invited all Ethiopians & Ethiopians by origin to return to Ethiopia & build the country & improve the life of Ethiopians. Dr. Getu Teressa, Ethiopia needs qualified& experienced medical doctor like you very badly. If you are truly concerned for Ethiopia & Ethiopians, please go back to Ethiopia & practice medicine.

  • Excellent article, Ato Getu. You have correctly diagnosed Abiy, and as you rightly said, Ethiopia is in a very perilous situation and the end is likely to be a dissolution of the country. Abiy is a phoney PM and the sooner he is removed from power the better for everyone concerned.

    • If we like it or not a this time until election comes we have no better choice than Dr . Abey so let’s put politics aside & pray to God that this horrible time goes over soon.

  • Dear writer,
    my greetings to you in the name of Ethiopia, our beloved motherland! (I am not sure if this is also true of you but I believe so.) Basically, it is easier to rewrite, manipulate and post words, phrases and ideas than bringing the much divided society into a harmony. As a psychologist, you had to closely approach the person and collect evidence to reach sound conclusion than making a hasty generalization and labeling. I felt that, as you did, your persona (deep rooted political satnce) influenced your profession, which is a respected applied field that avoids labeling. What could have been your role if you were in Abiy’s shoes? How long could have you led this difficult, complex, extremely divided and politically and ideologically polarized, economically devastated, and psychologically sociopathic society? I personally appreciate your gut to pick your fingers up to knock the keyboard buttons and express your ideas. But instead of running into labeling someone with insufficient evidence and without forwarding any point of alternative ideas, it would have been good to keep your mouth zipped. Counting and denouncing the sins of others will not bring you a grain of righteousness. Abiy did his part in any anyway he can and believes. You do also your part to your country, but constructively. You see destruction and war did not bring any effect but humility and poverty to the nation. Even at this time of the Corona Virus catastrophe, your contribution could have been great as we plunged into frustration and desperation. You are a clinical psychologist, dear Professor, who can play a lot in creating hope to the people. Millions of Ethiopians are facing tough time. Abiy, with all his weaknesses, is putting his share to the people. Where is your contribution? I know Abiy, as any of us, has weaknesses. But we MUST support him. How long can we travel by blaming, insulting, disrespecting and denouncing all our leaders? What the hell is happening in our mind? Which sacred, angel like leader can lead this graceful but destitute nation? What a cursed people are some of the so-called Ethiopian “intellectuals”? They put fire on the poor people, who suffered a long to educate us, the greedy politicians and apathetic intellectuals, who know everything under the sun, and shameless to judge anything, anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances without (sufficient) evidence and knowledge. You wrote what you felt is right, Abiy leads the way he believes is important to this country and based on his understanding of the world. That knowledge comes from various sources: profession (as you did), religion, vision, aspiration, etc. Anyway, you know that there is no one best way to understand human behavior and to psychotherapy every behavioral disorder. This type of cynic and adulterated opinion and attitude will not take us anywhere. It is better to carry out self psychoanalysis, like S. Freud did. But above all, know your time, people and country closely before putting ideas on the net. May God bless you abundantly. Thank you for giving me this chance.

  • Hi, Getu
    I’m not here to argue or to oppose your political idea, but I want to tell you that you should be considerable about the situations our country and the whole world is. This is not the time to fight about politics, this is the time to come together and help out our poor people (mskin hzb) from this disaster period. Probably, it might be easy for you to push these poor and innocent people to oppose Dr. Abih Ahmed while you are sitting in a developed country peacefully eating full meal per day, while these people cry for one meal. Do you think it’s fair? When people kill each other by the chaos you brought, you sit there and watch it like a movie? Please! please! Let’s start thinking like mature people for the whole Ethiopia as one country not like 80 different tribes instead of wanting only one tribe to become powerful like greedy. Let’s just be honest and thank our prime minister for the good things he did. Of course people are not perfect and make some mistakes, so instead of criticizing let’s encourage them and tell them to correct their mistakes, trust me brother you won’t get any benefit from writing this article besides creating controversy. Use this energy as a weapon to spread positivity instead of criticism. We Ethiopians are used to a dictatorship system, so it’s hard for us to move to a democratic system, that’s how most African countries are, but I want to you to read about “Rwandan’s history” and understand how lucky Ethiopians are for this peaceful transition, even if you think it’s fake, before a big mess happened, we are very very lucky! So, let’s come together and help Dr. Abiy building our country together and correct our mistakes each other. ONE HAND CAN NOT CLAP, BUT TWO CAN!

  • Doctor, You’re desperately seeking attention !!! You’re completely biased…I fully discredited your academic title and I think you’re game, you’re focusing on blaming

  • I don’t want to waste my words, an article from biased man full of fallacies, nonsense and hodgepodge.

  • It is amazing and at the same time disturbing that so much of your critical energy is spent in discrediting instead of assisting positive changes wherever identified.Your type of attitude would be negative towards anyone at the political helm.

    • Thank you!

      Common root problem among Ethiopians goes like ‘my way or no way’.

      Abiy opened up the political space for all to come and contribute but they keep falling for this fortress mentality where they want to fight from the outside.

  • A cherry picking specialist accusing a guy who is leading a big country filled with problems . You who has spend your time in analyzing non existent things in Ethiopia . Pls enjoy your New York time and deal with your medical work . There is nothing real in your article . You simply wasted your English language skills for nothing . Abiy is leading a delicate issue in Ethiopia ,where you have been silent for two decades of horror . There is no way people like You will Second guess .

    Your time is with the covid infected people not with people who are working to correct a very very sick state .

  • I have read the full artcles and it is fantastic analysis of the current Ethiopian problem. The way you undestand and described is scientific.

    • You are pretending as if you read and understand this substandard article that does not meet any criteria of scientific writing. Please, go and read what requires to be a scientific article. Lampoon ideot!

  • This hallow attempt to discredit Dr. Abiy fails on its face. I also find it rather Bazar, the author tries to dissect a patient without talking to the patient. What happened to the notion of do no harm, I guess it goes out of the window.

    It shows a serious attempt to discredit a vision by concocting words with imaginative phrases. Lots of jazz and dance, but no substance or alternatives to Abiy.

    What is the professor suggesting? He tried to negate everything Abiy stood for. Ethiopia might have succumbed to genocide if Abiy has not emerged. That is one reason he is celebrated in Africa and worldwide.

    No country in Africa has provided such a visionary leader acknowledge and respected by many Ethiopians and the world at large. He has tried to be a uniter and a peacemaker at home and abroad. That is why he won the Nobel Prize. Even Donald Trump who refers to the rest of Africa as s-hole continent respects Dr. Abiy.

    I guess the author may have a nostalgia for the Woyane era.

    • Of course you enjoy that , you are a weyane goon who has been with weyane up to hills . You are Eritrean and has spend enough time crying for weyane pocket money .

      The writer is a cheery picking specialist . He is intellectually dishonest just lien you

  • The world is vanishing bcz such corrections to vanish correct is here and zr! Yes Ethiopian believe in God and anybody who want to use for nonsense world is upto himself. The PM is trying his best. He is Human!!!!

  • Excellent writing! Though I don’t agree with the premise or the conclusion it was expertly put together. I hope you will see the miracle that is Abiy. He is a diamond on the rough. Many Ethiopians believe that it was answer from God for all the groaning from his people. You must appreciate the delicacy of the situation under which he emerged yet you do not concede the intercessions he made for the sake of peace. We need great minds like you for the future of the country so keep writing, keep being honest but at the same time lets not forget to criticize each other for the betterment of one another.

  • You are an assistant professor wasting your time in a wrong place and topic when you could use your time helping your country address the current health crisis. The problem we Africans have is to open our mouth so wide against Democrat leaders and go hnder the bed against dictators. Abiy is no whete close to your essay. You just picked words from books to show you can write. Are yoh not supposed to publish for your tenure in medical journals?

  • I am not intellectual; but I do believe that nature it self, including human mind oprates on the basis of synergy /ida’amuu/. What is good is Dr. Abiy is busy for good. With him, Ethiopia’s future is bright. Insha Allah.

  • It seems that something of to be against.Be rational and compare with most African leaders.Forget all philo and thellological things.One thing i am sure is that he is not corrupt.I know him from childhood.በቃ።

  • Dear Getu,

    Your analysis suffers from the fallacy of incomplete evidence. You cheery picked facts and suppressed available evidences – intentionally. For instance, it is possible to write an article that strongly criticizes the PM – by cherry picking and suppressing evidences like you do – for not doing enough in containg your favorite tribal elites who sponsored genocide and inciting conflicts. The reality on the ground is far more complex than you stated. Aby is doing what is possible. Please, try to be honest.

  • If an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine based in New York City couldn’t prioritize his/her ideas with time, who will going to do that when the world and New York city is under stress and crisses with COVID-19.
    While you are struggling outside of your specialization 123,160 confirmed cases and 4,159 deaths reported in the city you are based. Healthy workers are suffering.
    Leave Philisophy and Sophist for Dr. Dagnachew Assefa and contribute in your field to comeup with problem solving ideas about COVID-19.

    MY brother i

  • I have worked with the PM before, and this is exactly the technique he uses. He tells people what they want to hear, what ever the cost might be. I really didn’t have problem with his method as long as he uses it for good. The problem is once you start getting your way in life with tiny regard for truth you get used to it. Now the PM and his followers disregard the truth if it is inconvenient to them. You might see this in this comment section too.

    Anyways thanks for highlighting this! We need Ethiopians who don’t blindly follow.

  • criticis is normal ₰ inspiration to critical challenge. having vision with pragmatical commitment is more challenging as sense of truth & solution for most devastating nation such as Ethiopian. medemer may not be perfect¸ but it is amazing approach with open door Plus welcoming any helpful ideas ₰ experiences for further benefit. So medemer is a new encouraging philosophy to answer social¸ economical & political issues for Ethiopia¸ & many other African countries .

  • It is incredible that the author concedes not a single achievement to Abiy.
    Is it because Abiy has been an utter failure or the author has such a distorted view of the Prime Minister?
    A look at the Nobel Committee’s list of recognitions points to some serious achievements in the eyes of a neutral observer. And not much has changed in Ethiopia to totally invalidate these points.

    Trying to refute the Prime Minister’s concrete achievements using fundamentally partial and lop-sided interpretation of his motives seems to me a particular sort of Sophism.

    Clearly the author has some serious disagreements with the PM’s vision of Ethiopia.
    But he would have saved our time, and also improved our understanding, if he were forthcoming enough to articulate these disagreements and convince us why his views are better.

    I think it is also Ethiopia Insight’s editorial purview to ensure that we don’t get drowned by articles like this whose entire purpose is to rhetorically distort our views rather than leading to a constructive dialogue.

  • Looks good on the outside with all the big words use for the fallacious reasons. I think this article it self could be use as a clear example to describe the sophistry it tries to insinuate.

  • Desr Getu,
    Thank you for your honest observation and articulate article.

    Unfortunately, for too many of our people are unaware of the dangerous path Abiy is dragging the country on. Abiy knows & manipulates peoples’ sentiments to further consolidate his stay in power. Ultimately not good for the country & him.

    I wish Abiy would respect us enough to stop the manipulations & be genuine.

    Thank you once again.
    I will look forward to your next article.

  • Dear sir
    It always surprises me to see how Ethiopian intellectuals think. I am sure you have good intentions but who is going to read it? May be an academician ? What will be the purpose except start an academic discussion . It would have been worthwhile if you produce short message that d Ed livers your view to all Ethiopians. It is too long

  • Keenly analysed article.! Great insight into ‘medemer’! Some points had tickled my mind to the extent that I questioned, was this really written for Ethiopians or is it indeed an appeal to ‘Oromia nationalists’?! Anyways, it’s obvious now that the guy is bent on remaining in power come what it may.!!! We r witnessing ‘woyanie-phase II’ period .!!!

  • The writer may have a few points but he comes across as being bias and not objective. And if you think Abiy is this type of leader i would like to hear who he thinks is better person to lead Ethiopia in this unsettling time there? Because i think he is trying to mislead people into disliking and giving Abiy a chance, what people like him expected in the short time he has been there and all the push back he has been getting from other leaders there and some of his own people also this remind me of how they treated Obama. I would like to know what they expected of him, what to proform some type of quick fix for that multinational country call Ethiopia?

  • You’re using very old metaphysical concepts that no longer exist in political vocabulary. In doing so, the author constructed Arguments that seem to make sense but can neither be true or false. The same is true for Abiy. The difference is Abiy is policy practitioner who just named it “medemer” for simplicity. what he is actually doing is building democratic institutions and national dialogue, release prisoners, prepare for election and apologise the public. He call it “Marxism”, or “medemer” or “sophism” or “philosopher king” doesn’t change the substance of what he is doing. Now, ask yourself, let’s say you prove that Abiy is a sophist, does that make his reform any less meaningful? Or, if Some farmer comes and call Abiy an “angel”, the substance is still the same. In this circumstance, your opinion of Abiy is as less informed as the farmer while in principle your title is supposed to give you a more nuanced understanding of the subject and an outlook.

    I’m professional political economist with familiarity on democratic transitions. (Please read Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson to have a clue of democracy building)

    If you ask my opinion, I guess Abiy’s meticulous reform is well informed from academic and practical standpoint. Above all, Abiy’s executive efficiency which is due to his ability to hire and lead a cadre of young technocrats in a poor African country astonishes me.

  • Prudent or Malice

    The content as described by the writer may has some truth.
    However, the plot to persuade by Insinuating a believe system in current situation and criticizing without considering the vast audience seems venoms on surface.
    Next time when you write, if I may suggest, can you please consider the people whom you are trying to address don’t ended up fighting about the same idea you are trying to cross at them.

    Personally I wouldn’t compare Trump to anyone.
    I would constructively critic by merit but not by religion or personal believe system.

    The writer also has an opinion about this teaching, the word is clear, but the interpretation from the podium Might be different.

    ““Name It And Claim It” Teaching
    For some Christians, Mark 11:23-24 appears to teach the “name it and claim it” theology.
    Here is the passage
    And Jesus answered saying to them, “Have faith in God. Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, be taken up and cast into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted him. Therefore, I say to you, all things for which you pray
    and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you.” Mark 11:22-24”

    I hope to read more of your writings as long as it’s balanced.


  • Mr. Teressa thank you for well thought paper. it seems to me that you went to far to describe the PM. you describe him a Sophist not only that he is also an opportunist. The article lied out all the necessary problem related to the fake Prime Minister. but I did not see some solution or remedy. because if we continue this path for most Ethiopian’s the future becomes hard and unbearable.

  • Why is it hard for you to see that this is our next future now we have tried monarchs we tried communists we tried false democracy lead by self centred Melese. What is the bad side of trying a different philosophy? Your argument is not full you just gave him the definition of sophistry you did now define with evidence why you called him sophistry man of the modern world. This things challenge my mind people who call them self Ethiopian and then you find them being an immigrant in an other country but still sticking thire nose in our country. Look at USA they followed unity they summed up 54 different countries then now they have a huge power and synergy. Why cant you home for that and support our hope. Or be our hope if you have the capacity?

  • Who supporting Abiy and working day to night those who dreaming for one language, one religion and flat flag.But those stupid idea never come back just dream.
    Abiy + Minlik =killer

    • Your comment here leads me to believe that you have not understood the intention behind the text and are vying to bring a rather chauvinistic sense of nationalism.

  • Well, this is already a fantastic work by itself, but it is also well-proven when you read the comments that are mostly written by the Amhara dudes. They are lured by Abiy Teshome’s rhetoric butressed by his Amharic ተረትና ምሳሌ የፍልጥ ኣነጋገር ወዘተ፦

  • Your article gave me a scientific answer to the many questions I had in regard to this man character . It was also my assumption that, he is on the move to the second stage ( from exercising the soft power to start using the hard power) . However, I wouldn’t think that he had consolidated enough power yet, to enforce his ambition with hard power, and that might send the nation to disintegration , so my question is, what has to be done to avoid this outcome? and do you think, is there any alternate force to salvage this nation from this scenario?

  • In a polite way let what you saying is critics. But to be honest what does this all add to the most polarized and ethnic-toxicated country?

  • He is no difference than those fake Protestant wanna be prophet gangs . Just like they con their followers , Abiy also conning Ethiopians by dividing them from closed door while preaching one Ethiopia. Abiy is sanctimoniousness, sententiousness , i know it all , person who has no respect for his Minsters , there is nothing Ethiopian can do Abiy has strong Washington and uae support . What a disgrace I’m from Ethiopia being led for centuries by illetrate individuals who don’t even complete their high school .

  • Please throw away your garbage wrong analysis made on our respected prime minister Dr Abiye book called MEDMER. Dr. ABIYE OF ETHIOPIA presents his long experience and challenges in the Ethiopian politics he perceived from the past systems from Feudalism to Communism which is
    unsuccessful ideology that the past rulers were used in the country. Since those systems are copied from foreign ideologies like LENINIST – Marxsists lead its people in to higher level of poor and impoverished life means the system was not the right system to practice in Ethiopia then another system that should be designed by Ethiopians is necessary. That is what as Dr Abiye said “MEDEMER” is the right ideology. The notion “MEDEMER” is an ideology or philosophy created by prime minister Dr Abiye to advance the progress of Ethiopia and its people to the higher level in all directions if practice properly. That’s why all Ethiopian people support from all directions of the country in unison. If you like to challenge the philosopher of MEDEMER Dr Abiye let bring your own ideology which is better than the philosophy of Abiye’s MEDEMER otherwise stop your foreign philosophers book writings and theories. From now on We Ethiopians should proud by ourselves philosophers and and intelligent professionals like prime minister Dr Abiye and others. God bless Ethiopia and its people.

  • Communism failed because it is a fantasy and reads like heaven. It is an ideology, far from reality on the ground. Medemer is an ideology Abye cooked up in his kitchen with his wife.

    This man had the audacity to introduced it without consulting with society. It is utterly B.S. He is a Buffon and a childish. He should be locked up as soon as possible before he turns the loathed empire into oblivion. The sign already out there.

    Furthermore, the whole EPRDF enterprise from its inception is wrong and utterly ignorant. They failed to talk to the mass. A lot can be said on this subject but sometimes it is frustrating to educate the educated mass. Because they are all fixated and for the most part my way or the highway. I call it “Debteras” way of thinking. I gathered it takes several generations to change people, in the case of Ethiopia worst or never. There are too many Debteras still running around like mad dogs. Therefor and Ideally, the Ethiopian Empire should be broken up because different society has a starkly different ethos, way of thinking and world view. For example: take these three societies. Somalis, Gambelas, and Amharas. What do they have in common? Zilch!

    “As soon as you look at the world through an ideology you are finished. No reality fits an ideology. Life is beyond that. … That is why people are always searching for meaning in life… Meaning is only found when you go beyond meaning. Life only makes sense when you perceive it as mystery and it makes no sense to the conceptualizing mind.” —–Mello

    So long…from beautiful California….atop the mountain of Racho Palos Verdes.

  • Good read my friend…and you touch upon a series of actions by the PM intended to deceive the Ethiopians. It seems you’ve ignored where country has been for the last 50 or so years, and the PM’s effort to pull the country out of its past, one of them being poverty. It is not an easy task…it is daunting.

    The solution to Ethiopias problem cannot be found overnight…it takes time. If you’re not satisfied in what he has been achieved so far…then you’re in the camp who always look at the glass as ‘half-empty’ and not ‘half-full’. So no matter what he does his efforts amount to nothing to you. What is to you anyway…you live in the big apple pursuing your lucrative career. See if you can do something instead of finding fault, by looking into the past.

  • What bias and non factual note here beforev1991 Amhara,Agew,bete Iseraelites was marginalized ,brutally massacred ,lost their belived ones and their property given name fuedal by brural enormous regime of Oromo derg.Derg executed 60 Amhara elites and the Emperor Hailselassie in one night becouse of deep hate towards Amhara.For 17 years Amhara lands in wello and Gonder were bombed by air force of Derg Oromo regime.

  • It is really a well written asrticle withno substantive criticisim.
    You are right only in that Mesemer is not easy to swallow for everybody. That is especially true for “intellctuals.”
    That is because Poliyica Scientist and Economists measure evrything againtst their school books and anything that does not align with their exisiting “knowledeg” is “dangerous” and “wrong”.

  • A poorly written article both grammatically and analytically; offers readers very little in terms of balance and political insight; a whole lot of quotations with no meaningful arguments against. Those who commented on the article used the terms ‘balance’ and ‘facts’ but failed to demonstrate a single statement where the writer included a positive interpretation of Dr. Abiy’s governing principles, philosophy and accomplishments, in contrast, the overwhelming majority of ethiopian citizens, leaders accross africa, and the international community are all inspired by what Dr. Abiy has accomplished in two short years within and outside the country. Africa has never seen a progressive, dynamic, clear-headed, forward thinking and principled leader like him. The writer lacks political maturity and analytical skills. Guided only by personal hatred and jealousy, he and supporters are incapable of offering an insight beyond dismissive statements or insults.

  • An M.D. like you would have seen Dr. Abiy by the results of his pacifist, pragmatic approach he continuously excelled with.
    We had enough suffering , destitusim and destruction by evil philosophy since 1953 that was brought by the Ethiopians pseudo-intellectuals such as; Germame, Walelegne, Tilahun Gizaw, Haile Fida, Sibhat Nega,Meles Zenawi, Yohannes Leta, Merara Gudina, Berhanu Nega, Alemu Abebe etc etc etc etc.
    Dr. Abiys Medemer is not a sophist at all. He has used several tactics and methods to unite Ethiopians(MEDEMER) in order to create a strong Ethiopia that even would regain its ports.
    Remember, the evil and intriguer generation of the Sixties had brought havocs to the masses specifically in the last 27 years.
    From your picture, you don’t belong to that evil generation.
    Why do YOU then need to philosophize on MEDEMER when the truth of the matter is so clear?
    Ethiopians don’t want any more philosophers, political scientists and economists who are all fackers

  • You really made me angry for choosing this moment in history to try to insulate the PM.
    Shame on you.

  • Too length jargon of poletico, ethino religious analyses on Dr Abiy Ahmed with poor knowledge on each of them but inbuilt hatred for the prime minister inclusive taught not matches single political group interest. I found it nonsense analysis with hate felling motives. Why you couldn’t able to contribute with your profession instead of wasting you time for such so called analyse

    • Learn how to spell. The man has good insight. He can see what you ppl can not see in a life time. I know Abiy , the man of ignorant and arrogant as the same time

  • Mr. Getu,
    Instead of spending your time and expertise in negativity and hatred, ask yourself what you have done to your country. Our PM is doing his part for this and next generation, he might make mistake because he is working 24/7.
    Diasporas, try to grow up, we poor nation needs someone who can work, not someone 24/7 criticizing everything

    • Oh, does anyone has to fail to go t college to do sth for his country??? (I mean to fail even the entrance for Civil service colkege, like Abiy)
      Heed what the wise sayth, azzzholezzz.

    • Muluken..thank you. The author may be good in identifying weakness in the leader, but to your 2nd paragraph..most fail to see that we’re a poor nation. We’ve not been able to feed ourselves. 35 years ago, ‘We’re the World..’ Fund raising was organized to feed us, then El-Nino , now locust swarm…do we really need to talk about politics? I don’t think so…It is long over due to stop looking back, and finding fault in the man at the helm..and do whatever each of us can do to help.

      • Melaku, your ‘let’s focus on the issues that ‘matters most’ is a boring cliche used by woyane cronies for over three decades now. you better come up with a better lie.



  • What a wonderful article that surgically exposes the stupidity of Abiy’s regime.It logically exposes the weakness of Abiy and clearly shows where Abiy is heading toward.Abiy has betayed the promises he made and is heading to become possibly the worst dictator the country faced in its modern history.In his attempt to stay in power for good,he may plunge the country into civil war and disintegration.The man needs to be checked and contained sooner than later.

  • Whenever ground working solutions come you make narrow propostions like this. His excellency Dr. Abiy is father ,friend, brother of all who live having hope. My son , daugther seeshim as thier father because of his messages that tochs the deep sense of living tomorrow. Leaders are assigned by our creator i belive. So i belive he is the one who is able to create followers, influence postively and create common goal towards prosper ethiopia .medemer. Long live PM
    Dr. Abiy .

  • Excellent insight. Even though it’s too early to grasp the full picture. I couldn’t put forward better one when it come to Abiye’s short-comings so far.. I mean, the religious tinged messages, albeit coded and subtle, the political populist persona, verbiages of political economy and philosophical practicality anchored with little or not
    on anew or any established ideological underpinnings. The second thing is his conflicting mixed messages, and especially with regards to the ethnic ultra nationalist for quick and quixotic support.
    The case point is something that happened in the Somali Region last month or so, where he announced in the national stage, and unbeknownst to regional politicians and public alike, to erect a memorial monument for Derg soldiers who died in the war of 1976-1978 between them and the WSLF freedom fighters in the area. He was conveying that message as if the local citizens had nothing to do with that conflict, or as if local population didn’t lost tens of thousands lives in the war, or as if they weren’t played big part of the deadly war to secure their inalienable rights regardless of whether they got a help from outside State or non-State State Actors. It was a simple historical revisionist stunt run amok to appeal for Amhara nationalists for political gain with disregard to the regional community’s long standing concerns and thei historical struggle and aspirations. Worse, he has been courting these same constitutes of their support and promised to protect their democratic and inalienable tights in his admission. Such dangerous and unexpected political rhetoric and moves almost ignited street riots and mayhem in the region .

    So, on top of his stealthy religious gospel pedelling and mudelled philosophical verbiage passed as a true and nascent political school of thought, Abiye’s biggest Achille’s heels is the double talk, conflicting and mixing messages or an ad hoc political signals so far. Only time willl tell whether these weaknesses are a deliberate and crafted political tactics or whether they are innocent and clumsy mistakes.

    • You said it is too early to grasp the full picture of Abiy. It is a long 2 years. We have seen both positives and negatives.

  • Excellent insight. Even though it’s too early to the grasp to the full picture. I couldn’t put forward better one when it come to Abiye’s short-comings so far.. I mean, the religious tinged messages, albeit coded and subtle, the political populist persona, verbiage of political economy and philosophical practicality anchored with little or no
    on anew or any established ideological underpinnings. The second thing his conflicting mixed messaging, and especially with regards to ethnic ultra nationalist for quick and quixotic support.
    The case point is something happened in the Somali Region last month or so, where announced in national stage, unbeknownst to regional politicians and public alike, to erect memorial monument for Derg soldiers who died in the war of 1976-1978 between them and the WSLF freedom fighters in area. He was conveying that message as if the local citizens had nothing to do with that conflict, or as if local population didn’t lost tenet of thousands lives in the war, or as if they weren’t played big part of the deadly war to secure their inalienable rights regrades of whether they got a help from outside State or non-State State Actors. It was simple historical revisionist stunt run amok to appeal to Amhara nationalists and extremists for political gain with disregard to the regional community long standing concerns.and thei historical struggle and aspirations. Worse, he has been courting these same constitutes their support and promised to protect their democratic and inalienable tights in his admission. Such dangerous and unexpected political rhetoric event almost ignited street riots and mayhem in the region .

    So, on top of his stealthy religious gospel pedelling and mudelled philosophical verbiage passing a true and nascent political school of thought, Abiye’s biggest Achille’s heels is his double talk, conflicting and mixing messages or an ad hoc political signals so far. Only time willl tell whether these weaknesses are a deliberate and crafted political tactics or whether they are innocent and clumsy mistakes.

  • The writer seems to have underrated Abiy’s (medemer’s) failures in the international field. Recent spats with Somaliland,Kenya( in Somalia), and Egypt have significantly damaged Abiy’s place in Africa.In addition, the decision to accept US as mediator was a heavy misjudgement that will leave him either upsetting a global superpower or further losing support. A very good article overall!

    • Agree, pile of words. Mixed in terms of subjectivity and objectivity. Clearly the writer is not fond of Abiy.

  • It seems that Interdisciplinary becomes a dream for the author. Because of the nature of the training that haters undergo, they are not equipped to criticise the kind of works that are undertaken by high moral standing persona’s.

    It’s impossible to criticise the hard-working man without having some preconceptions about how he developed the strength.
    Hate resists the goodness of others that’s what I see in this writing (“The dogs bark , but the caravan goes on.”)
    For me, though I encourage freedom of expression, it’s a hateful and gratuitously insulting writing of one’s country leader which can be seen basing the terms and conditions of Ethiopia – insight.

  • I have read this article breathlessly. So amazing! The writer is put it in very intellectual arguement. Of course, he set high standard analyses. This is high level and grounded insight. I must congratulate the writer for bringing extremely sweet thought. I wish you will come up with orher articles in future!

    Ethiopian Insight keep up reaching your high level aricles.

  • The article lacked facts and relies a great deal on assumptions and/or cherry picking. Actually, the written clearly is gifted in the topic he writes about and a living example of a Sophist. I can only try to understand while considering his background as a natural scientist with a passion for politics. As such, it would be better for me to forgive the significant short comings in fact and logic. For example, the writer clearly thinks the PM is nothing but a shape shifter and uses the PMs obsession with clean environment and work space as platform for political show and manipulation of the public through emotion. Unfortunately, the writer overlooks the role of emotions in individual and community development and want us to believe that humans are rational beings that can lead their lives based on facts. Fortunately for us, even him seems to be lead by his emotions in writing this piece, i.e. his dislike and resentment of the PM and the work he is doing. It is also unfortunate to see the writer make every action taken by the PM as a political game including his response to the Covid-19 pandemic that includes the mobilization and distribution of resources to the African continent. This is disappointing when one takes into account the background of the writer in clinical medicine. Anyhow, I wish you will have the courage to present the PM in a much balanced and fact based analysis of the work he is doing and not on simple but elaborate assumptions. Thank you and stay safe.

  • To be honest to my best memory this is the worst article I read in Ethiopia Insight. I was wondering to which Abiy or Ethiopia the writer was talking about. The writer was dumping all his internal hatred in political science terminology. The way he discredited Medemer and the extent of undermining Abiy’s achievement was really shocking.
    I ask Ethiopia Insight to strengthen their editorial policy so that not to lower their standard.

    • I thought it was a balanced article. Can you be more clear as to what you disagree with ? You actually haven’t made a logical response to whats written…

      • This is one of the best articles that ever appeared on EI. It hit hard and exposed the shenanigan of Abiy, that his sycophants are rising up in arms to discredit the writer.

        Thanks Getu for writing such a quality article and exposing the sophist for what he is.

        • This is nothing but hatred. It is sad to sad to see comments like this allowed in the name of freedom of speech. Teresa, people like you or people you followed belong to the 18th century.

      • He just repeats some words by the idea “if you repeat is enough times there the mind makes it true” zero logice just an idea of some one who is not happy with us Ethiopians having hopeful future.


      • I don’t think it is balanced in a sense that the writer never discusses the positive things Abiy has done.

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